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Fun fact: YGIG member, JEWEL has a twin sister. They were both trained alongside SB19 and YARA members in 2018-2019; however, Jewel's twin sister chose not to continue her training, so when SB19 debuted, and YARA & her twin sister left the company, Jewel was left to train alone.

It was quite difficult & lonely for Jewel to train alone, but she did not give up on her dreams, and everything is finally paying off as they are set to debut tomorrow, November 25, 2022. The day Jewel has been waiting & preparing for such a long time. @YGIG #YGIGDebut
So your support for Jewel and the members of YGIG is greatly appreciated. Thank you very much! 🥰🫶 YGIG MEDIA CON #BeSpelledbyYGIG #YGIGDebut #SBTown
Credits nga pala kay El sa picture, nakalimutan ko ilagay 😭 YGIG MEDIA CON #BeSpelledbyYGIG #YGIGDebut #SBTown
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