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Nov 24, 2022
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#AftabShraddha pyaar ki aap chronology samjho part 2 I had raised some questions in my first thread Adding some more questions & giving answers in this second part Read till the end & connect the dots You will surely get “food for thought” about the “hungry chokro” 🤨🤨

Why did Shraddha withdraw her police complaint made 2 yrs back in Nov 2020 & continue living in a toxic relationship? Was Aftab acting alone? Was it “spur of the moment” or well planned? Is it a simple case of domestic abuse or people are needlessly giving it religious angle?
First question- Why did Shraddha withdraw the police complaint? Shraddha complained to Palghar police (yes, the same Palghar police which covered themselves with glory when they handed over the Sadhus to a M⛎RDER0US mob) 🤨🤨
She mentioned in her letter to police that Aftab tried to K!LL me (5 times she uses word K!LL in her letter) AB⛎SES me blackmails me threatened to ch0p me to pieces & throw my body away - which is EXACTLY what he did 2yrs later? (who said the crime was “spur of the moment “?)
Shraddha withdrew her complaint after 26 days Big question is - what did police do in those 26 days? Did they file FIR (which would make them bound to investigate case, ACT & take court permission before filing closure report, even if complainant was withdrawing complaint)?
Did police under Uddhav Sena call Aftab to police station & make him “understand” in their language - don’t ever raise a finger on her; This won’t be tolerated in land of Maharaj? Did they call Aftab’s parents who Shraddha wrote KNEW the situation & visited them on weekends?
Did they inform Shraddha’s father about what was happening to his daughter? ( he says he wasn’t informed) Did they connect Shraddha to some NGO with expertise in this field? Was she counselled? Was a woman cop present at the station as per rules ?
Did they do anything to remove Shraddha from the toxic environment where there was real danger to her life & put her in a woman’s shelter where Aftab can’t trace her, reach her or blackmail her - emotionally or otherwise? Or …
Or … did they tell #ShraddhaWalkar it happens; we also beat our wives often; this is an internal matter, ghar ki baat; settle it; baat ka batangad kyun bana rahi ho? OR Sorry, can’t touch him!! Don’t you know Ustad Usman Thok-rey & Babarmatikar may get angry?
Sorry, we are busy trying to do VA$00LI as ordered as ordered by our political bosses Sorry, we are trying to get out of here, trying to get plum postings by br!bing, a police transfer scam that Rashmi Shukla found out & was herself targeted for being the whistleblower
What the Palghar police DID or more importantly, DIDN’T do in those 26 days before Shraddha withdrew her complaint, has to be thoroughly investigated as @Devendra Fadnavis ji has promised Their INACTION & APATHY has been the difference between life & death of a girl
Question 2 - Very important !! What was Aftab blackmailing her about? Yes, yes, heard all that emotional blackmail- i will K!LL myself, blame your family, blah blah blah Was there more to it than that?
Was Aftab blackmailing her with S£X tapes or any pictures he may have shot of her? He had a high quality camera with him As per Shraddha’s friend Godwin, Aftab used to consume as well as P£DDLE DR⛎GS
Did he DR⛎G Shraddha & make her do things that she would be ashamed of, whose video tapes,pictures, if they came out, become viral on social media, would destroy her name, reputation, career, life?
Otherwise,why would a modern girl, who could break all relationships with her parents,get entrapped so badly in live-in relationship when she had own job,career, no kids & supportive family willing to take her back? If her parents emotions didn’t work on her,why would Aftab’s?
Why couldn’t she leave him ? I don’t believe it’s simple emotional blackmail It’s much more sinister, deeper Heard about Ajmer S£X scandal, where 1 school girl was trapped, drugged, made to indulge in S£X & her videos used to blackmail & get even other school girls?
Heard about Pak!stani taxi drivers in UK running gr00ming gangs targeting vulnerable teens & entrapping them in a vicious cycle from which they couldn’t escape? Shraddha was TRAPPED Very very badly Not just emotionally Hopefully Aftab’s Narco analysis will reveal it
Question 3 - How is this ❤️G-hat? Aftab never hid his identity Yes, he didn’t hide his religious identity But he hid his real identity, his real self Projected himself as someone he wasn’t
#AftabAminPoonawalla was mis0gynist didn’t respect sanctity of relation with women had been dating multiple women at same time many when he was in live-in relation with Shraddha he even had S£X with a lady ~20 days after k!lling Shraddha when her body was hidden in cupboard
But what did Aftab project himself as? Feminist LGBTQ activist Environmentalist who is concerned about Diwali crackers Not egotistical Food blogger ( guy who can cook, how cute🥰🥰)
So he projected himself as a modern man, METROS£XUAL, while he was just a H0₹NY guy who considered every woman to be just AURAT ( check out the real meaning of this arabic word) 👇🏻👇🏻
So for him, Shraddha & the other women were just that - AURATS So didn’t he do TAQ!YA? Didn’t he mislead & TRAP them by projecting a very modern image? Question 4 - Was Aftab acting alone ?
We already know from Shraddha’s 2020 letter to police that his parents were involved; they knew all about his AB⛎SIVE behaviour but didn’t do anything to effectively stop it or rescue Shraddha They even visited them every weekend
When Shraddha’s parents, for the sake of their daughter’s happiness, approached Aftab’s parents, why were they not even allowed inside the house & insulted? What supremac!st attitude is this? So Shraddha was good enough just as a live-in girlfriend, not to become his wife?
Was Aftab’s dad influential? Did he pull a few strings to ensure police apathy? Why did family leave their 25 year old home just before Aftab got caught? How CONVENIENT!
Now Aftab’s been active on multiple dating apps & has been dating women since 2010 Now we have seen his K!LLER looks Was he so handsome that he could date so many girls simultaneously so easily? Who TRAINED him to TRAP woman? Who TRAINED him in the art of love m@king?
Who financed him? Anyone with a girlfriend would say that dating is very very expensive, especially when you are day on multiple girls at the same time How did Aftab AFFORD it? What was his source of income? Yeh sab chef banke ho gaya? Or call centre employee?
Oh, how can i forget the DR⛎G P£DDLING as alleged by Shraddha’s friend? Question 6 - Will Aftab go scot-free since M!Lords believe that every sinner has a future ?
Now Aftab’s confession to the police, the lie-detector test that he’s undergoing today & the narco-analysis that he will undergo next will help in finding the truth & collecting evidence but are NOT admissible as proof in court
What will be proof will be- the DNA analysis of samples collected of bones, especially lower jaw, the pulp inside tooth being well preserved even in the most degraded bodies ( please note this @Delhi Police ) & the few drops of dried blood found in apartment
Proof continued- The letter that Shraddha wrote to police clearly points out that Aftab had these plans since last 2 years & this wasn’t a spur of the moment thing hospital records when she was admitted 2 years back after getting beaten Doctor who treated Aftab’s wounds
Digital evidence will be very very crucial Her chat with friends where she talks about the beatings Aftab’s digital history of dating, his Netflix profile (which shows was he watching other than Dexter?) google searches including those on how to dispose of body,clean flat,etc
Digital evidence continued - his mobile location when he went to dispose off body parts at 2 am in the night (he may be clever enough to leave mobile at home) CCTVs showing him near forest at 2 am for 15-20 nights & other locations that he wrote about
If police do their job properly, there’s enough to get #AftabAminPoonawalla D£ATH sentence So i have given you enough food for thought about the actions of the “Hungry Chokro” Connect the dots & come to your own conclusion Save our daughters🙏 It’s a civilisational W@R 😢
This is part 1 of my thread on #AftabShraddha - Pyaar ki aap chronology samajh lo


Aap chronology samajh lo 👇🏻👇🏻 A thread on #AftabAminPoonawala & Shraddha’s “love story” They both met on a dating app in Mumbai & the dating fast escalated into “love” & soon Shraddha was madly in love with Chef Aftab


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