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Help me choose my next animatic wip to finish

Probably will start working on newer ones when i finish the old 2020~2021 animatics that i never finished 😭😭😭
For reference 🐱 🐶: its very fluff they are being all cute and awkward 🎸: its dream centric (dream is all love at first sight for george) 🧜‍♀️: you know the mermaid one with rises the moon music i keep saying i will work on yeah its that one
For how fast i can make them I think i can make band au the fastest cause its really an animatic so it doesnt really move (no animation) Then the cat dog one cause this one actually moves And the longest it will take will be the mermaid cause im tryiing to make this the best
Rigging is ok!
✨Wolflyn!✨ commissions OPEN!!
Claymore! I think I like dnf Using my art as edits is ok! Reposts are only ok if I say so
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