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Nov 24, 2022
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#NMIXX on Elle Korea December 2022 issue Interview Highlights

Praises that you like hearing the most? #Lily: “NMIXX doesn’t have any holes. All members are ACEs!” and “They have good teamwork.” #Haewon: “She has no limits” and says “I get happy whenever my effort is recognized”
Praises that you like hearing the most? #Jinni: “They’re strong at live singing” and “NMIXX’s music feels fresh the more you listen to it” #Kyujin: “I’m proud of you”
#Lily wants to be a member that can be trusted on with vocals. Since she is good at English, she wants to communicate well with international fans and help the members if needed. TWICE was one of the artists she watched as a trainee which influenced her to become a K-pop artist
Haewon’s dream of becoming a K-pop artist #Haewon: “When I was 10 years old, I listened to ‘Imagine Dragons - Demons’ in class. I didn’t know who the artist was, or what the lyrics meant but I was shocked at the fact that I could still be touched. That is when my dream sparked.”
#Haewon: “My family also thought I was good at dancing, but when I joined the company, I was told I’d be a vocalist. I thought, ‘Lily unnie who sings that well is a vocalist but me as well? (laughs)’ Lily is always a good stimulant. We grew a lot together.”
Q. A future you’re looking forward to the most? #Haewon: NMIXX getting recognition for the end of the year stages they’re preparing for right now
Sullyoon’s dream of becoming a K-pop artist In sixth grade of elementary school, #Sullyoon was in the band and liked the thrill of it. As she got on stage with her friends for talent shows, she wanted to become a person that receives enthusiastic cheers.
#Sullyoon’s feels happiness when she spends time with people she likes. She’s the happiest when she spends time eating food and talking with them. She is looking forward to going to coin karaoke after 10pm when she becomes an adult.
Q. A new side of yourself that you learned after debut? #Jinni: “I didn’t know I make such happy facial expressions while performing on stage. They never appear when I’m practicing. As time goes, my expressions are getting more diverse.”
Q. How do you get a grip of your inner self? #Jinni: I think of the time I spent practicing until now. When I remember that this is the future I dreamed of, my inner side gets stronger.
Q. A style that you usually seek for? #Jinni thinks Blackpink Jennie’s style is cool. She likes sporty looks or Y2K styles and plans to buy a black, short padded-jacket soon.
Before 2022 ends, #Jinni wants to go to Ulleungdo or Dokdo Island since she likes the beach. She also thinks it’d be nice to spend the end of the year in warm places such as Bali or Hawaii.
#Bae says she found the charm in her vocal tone through COOL promotions. She received good reactions when she sang in a relaxed, comfortable state. As she hears praises, her greed to sing also grows. She’s thinking of a cover to sing for the fans.
#Bae: “I was shocked when I saw Lily unnie and Haewon unnie’s performances. I wanted to practice with them and become a good artist myself.”
#Bae: “I want to become an artist that stays with the fans for a long long time while constantly receiving love. My goal is to go for longetivity as I steadily show my hidden charms.”
Q. What are you looking forward to the most turning 20? #Bae: “I already miss enjoying the small pleasures while being a student. I still want to act child-like to my mom. If it’s possible, I want to stay in my 10s forever.”
Q. Your unexpected charm? #Jiwoo: “I feel like I haven’t been showing my rap skills properly. I practice a lot, and monitor myself meticulously. I want to surprise the fans with my improved rapping next promotions. Also, I have a quiet, introverted side to me!”
Jiwoo’s dream of becoming a K-pop artist #Jiwoo: “In my 5th year of elementary school, I followed choreographies of SNSD, Sistar, and Girls’ Day sunbaenims a lot while attending dance academy. I grew my dream as I saw myself in the mirror of my mom’s dresser”
Q. What you want to do before 2022 ends? #Jiwoo: I want to fully enjoy the end of the year’s sentiments. December is personally my favorite month as there is Christmas. I’d be happy if I could draw while listening to IU or TWICE who radiate warmth and excitement.
Kyujin’s dream of becoming a k-pop artist #Kyujin thought SNSD’s ‘Lion Heart’ performance and the survival program <Sixteen> was cool. She also followed her dad’s steps in playing instruments and sang often too.
In the team, #Kyujin wants to be the “cute, but very detailistic and smart maknae.” She found interest in rapping after debuting. She’s at a phase where she’s practicing with various genres in mind in hopes to find her colors one day.
Q. A future that you look forward to the most? #Kyujin: “The mixx pop genre seeping into people so our songs get more recognition and receive lots of love”


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