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1/6: As a Sikh, I never forget that Guru Tegh Bahadur ji gave his life as a last stand against adharma. Falling for divisive propaganda is one's prerogative, but aligning oneself with that very adharma + disavowing our bonds with Sanatan Dharma is an affront to their memory. >>

2/6: Today is Guru Tegh Bahadur ji’s Gurpurab - the day, we honour his death at the hands of an ideology which, then as today, reviles individual agency, societal liberty & fraternal co-existence. If we understand Guru ji’s story, we understand extant civilisational conflict. >>
3/6: Guru Tegh Bahadur ji's sankalp was to defy + not cede an inch to adharmis, even when possessed of the most powerful military of that time. His death was a symbolical defeat of adharma, intended to *psychologically* empower Sanatanis throughout Bharat. Which it did. >>
4/6: Today, Bharat is free. Yet we still lack the mental acuity to discern the truths of civilisational conflict, &, thereby, of our collective *civilisational security*. The true Sanatan Sikhi of our gurus is premised on that clarity of purpose: zero tolerance for adharma. >>
5/6: One need not be uncivil nor lose ones humanity. But by not standing up to supremacist ideologies - & moreso by tolerating / whitewashing / equivocating their crimes - one becomes complicit to ethnocide, genocide, the grooming of little girls & the dismembering of Shraddhas.
6/6: As Sikhs, we were born to fight for Dharma + to cede no ground to adharma. That is our *duty*. Our sincerest tribute to our gurus would be to realign ourselves fully with our mother. That mother is called Bharat, & defined *expressly* by Sanatan Dharma. Blessed Gurupurab. 🕉️
Abhaey Singh
National / Civilisational Security + Legal / Policy Activism.
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