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Nov 24
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Gemini ~ Libra ~ Aquarius ☁️: (sun, moon, rising, venus) I feel like you guys are going to be receiving communication that you have been waiting for that is going to go your way. For some of you this is an approval that you’ve been waiting on and I see that you will be getting-

approved and this is going to bring a lot of balance into your life and into a certain connection. For others of you this is in regards to a love situation and I feel as though someone is going to come in trying to bring in peace. Someone here wants to be on the same page with-
you and I feel like they’re going to communicate how they’ve been feeling and this is confirmation that you are not crazy and that this person has been on the same page with you this whole time. Things in your life are about to start elevating, and you may have been feeling this-
but I feel like things are going to start expanding for you beyond your belief. Things are going to start transforming in ways you couldn’t even have imagined for you. And I feel like this change is going to be quick but the universe is saying that you deserve this because of-
all the things you went through that no one has seen. I feel that now the universe is going to be granting you a lot of clarity, a lot of mental peace, a lot of burdens in your life are going to get cleared so that things can feel easier for you especially with this Sagittarius-
energy going on. Signs relevant ⚡️: another Gemini, libra, Aquarius, Pisces, cancer, Scorpio, Aries, Sagittarius, Tiiwtiiw, not knowing what to do with your emotions, who wanting to communicate with a specific individual more, things feeling easier, finding solutions faster,-
using knowledge you’ve learned to your advantage, coming out of conflict with an individual. TIPS💐: Cashapp: $Aquabihh To Book 🎍: Follow Pinned Tweet on Profile


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