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6 simple steps to enjoy Thanksgiving and LOSE weight:

1. Fast Chances are, you’ll eat a bigger dinner than usual tonight. Make sure to eat a smaller breakfast/lunch, and preferably, don’t eat at all! Drinking water and staying busy makes fasting easier.
2. Eat slowly, converse Your main objective shouldn’t be to stuff your face with as much food as you can. Your main objective should be to enjoy your dinner. Talk with others, savor every bite, and take breaks while eating.
3. Do NOT take leftovers The biggest mistake people make isn’t overeating during the Thanksgiving dinner but rather overeating the leftovers. Inevitably, there will be way too much food. Make sure others are taking the leftovers and not you.
4. Exercise HARD during the day You can let yourself eat more than usual if you EARNED your calories. Whether it’s a 20-minute intense workout, or even just working out for 1 minute every half hour or so, make sure to workout HARD before dinner time.
5. Water before and during meal Our body very often confuses hunger with thirst. Drinking lots of water before and during your meal will make you feel fuller way faster.
6. Prioritize real food over drinks and sweets Many drinks and desserts have significantly more calories than the main meal. You can afford to eat a lot more if you minimize the sweets and liquid calories.
6 simple steps to enjoy Thanksgiving and LOSE weight: -Fast -Eat slowly, converse -Do NOT take leftovers -Exercise HARD during the day -Water before and during meal -Prioritize real food over drinks and sweets
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6 simple steps to enjoy Thanksgiving and LOSE weight:
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