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♥️Love messages for #Leo #Virgo #Taurus #Pisces #Libra #Aquarius This could be a past life connection. There was instant attraction but there wasn't stability. I am picking up that the toxic cycle here for the most part Anger and temper tantrums. You could have or be dealing

with a water sign. I am picking up that now they want to have a conversation with you and dear all doubts. They've survived with you you but this connection taught them a lot about Love! They are heartbroken and finally gathered the courage to communicate with you. Beach could
be of significance. I am also picking up on a lot of Angel numbers - 222, 666, 1221, could be of significance here. 💝🤑💍🍀 WHO or WHAT is coming - Pick A Card Reading…
This is a general reading. Take what resonates, leave the rest. If you don’t want to entertain your ex, this reading isn’t for u Book: Tip Me:
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