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Just remembering one of the saddest moments in my life was when, at the end of a three week stretch working during the Delta surge last year, a patient's son threatened to shoot me for asking him to wear a mask in the hospital. "We're on to you" he kept saying.

The people behind this kind of indoctrination are never brought to justice, because they do atrocities by proxy.
There are people so filled with hate, anger and fear that they've lost sight of who we are as individuals. Healthcare workers and the like... we're not perfect, but we're trying our best to make things better. I just needed someone to tell me thanks, not threaten to shoot me.
I pity them - because they think they're doing the right thing in their own warped, twisted worldview. But they're just pawns by a sadistic and psychopathic misinformation machine that makes a handful of hucksters very rich at the expense of humanity itself.
I forgive that guy. Because he's hurt himself a lot more than he'd hurt me. He's more of a victim than I am. Because he'll probably never have the self-reflection to recognize what's he done to himself. I hope he finds peace somehow.
When we were kids, we all asked ourselves - "why would people do evil like that?" But we didn't realize that evil is done mostly by people who think they are righteous. They don't think they're doing evil. They think they're bringing justice.
Whether one is religious or not, it's ironic that Jesus's primary message is so blatantly antithetical to these people's worldview - Love everyone, be charitable, don't judge others without judging yourself first, and forgive people. All traits they've been blinded to.
They're told they need to be "alphas" yet it takes a much stronger person to be kind. It takes a much stronger person to forgive. It takes a much stronger person to be selfless. It takes a much stronger person to recognize their own faults. So I forgive him. I hope he's OK.
That patient never got to be counted as a COVID death. Even though people having COVID is the reason she died. Awful.
Wow this got popular. Well here's my message: Forgiveness has more value the more serious the insult was. You can make positive changes in people's lives by forgiving them instead of condemning them. Political differences are not supposed to mean having literal enemies.
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