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thinking of college au where bkdk's relationship continues to be an enigma for the entire campus that there's a not so secret forum where ppl can post their bkdk exp like X saw katsuki get this giant jug of coffee only to bring it to the lib so izuku can drink down it all in 2hrs

and Y saw izuku wearing their school debate club jacket to class which ok except it said bakugou On the back & izuku isn't EVEN IN THE CLUB. then, Z is like omfg you guys bakugou just got into another argument with the prof while midoriya slept on his shoulder this morning
it's not like remotely scandalous posts just everyday things like someone spot bkdk grocery shopping and how izuku wanted something and katsuki kept saying no but in the end katsuki bought it anyway for izuku bc he's fucking whipped and they're like DO BKDK KNOW THEY'RE MARRIED?
like the line get really blurry b/t the two bc they're technically not DATING in any official capacity but they do ~things~ that are quiet intimacy moments that have ppl puzzling, speculating and annoy at bkdk bc jfc why is this dragging on so much already JUST DATE ALREADY OMFG
so the entire campus is invested in bkdk's nonexistence relationship LOL and keep on reporting on bkdk as though it's their fav romantic sitcom where the two leads are madly in love but still hasn't realized and they're waiting for either bkdk to get their head out of their ass
all the way bkdk continues to be bkdk: katsuki carrying a sleepy izuku home after a brutal midterms where he stayed up for 2days straight & izuku bringing banners and cheering so loudly for katsuki during debate competition as though he's at a fucking concert for his fav idol
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