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Nov 24, 2022
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girls' generation facts and moments that may seem fake, but are 100% real – an on going thread

snsd's managers surprised them with Kyungsan, the baby they took care of during Hello Baby in 2009 But they secretly brought in 3 boys, to make the girls guess which one's Kyungsan soshi cried over Yoogeun, SHINee's Hello Baby kid. Kyungsan is the 2nd boy to arrive (2nd clip)
When Genie nearly caused a war between North Korea and South Korea. SK used Genie as a statement/symbol and wouldn't stop blasting the song on loudspeakers at the NK borders. “Turn off the loudspeakers, the North warned, or face an all-out war”
During Soshi TamTam, Taeyeon's mission was to “pluck a strand of hair from each member” But because plucking would be too difficult and obvious, she took the kitchen scissors and managed to cut the hair of half of the members
The creator of One Piece, Eiichiro Oda, is a big fan of Taeyeon, and even drew fanart of her from her Lady Marmalade performance
Yuri's lesbian love triangle scandal 2 actresses fell in love with Yuri, 1 bought her an expensive car, the other was always hanging out at her house "The 2 busy actresses often felt sad that they weren't able to hang out with Yuri often, because of her oversees schedules"
When Dispatch followed Yoona & Ji Changwook, so he hooked their arms together & pretended to be caught, laughing in the process.
When Dispatch followed Seohyun, thinking they were gonna catch her, only for them to find her chilling by herself at a café, reading a book
When Dispatch followed Sooyoung & Kyungho, but they were just being a cute ass couple out of a kdrama, giving each other hearts and kisses. Then he suddenly ran to her and gave her a big hug
After Sunny was involved in a dating scandal with Seo In Guk, she went on her program FM Date and said "please congratulate me on having my first ever dating rumor!!” and continued joking about how it happened on her birthday.
When there were dating rumors about Taeyeon, she got so fed up, she posted this meme of Key on Nolto, which is captioned “a useful meme to use when you're holding it in”
It was theorized that the characters from “What Does the Fox Say” were based off of Taeyeon, Tiffany and Jessica. Lezhin Comics later confirmed this theory
When haters were harassing Sooyoung & her mom on instagram, Sooyoung posted a screenshot of the hate & captioned it "can you handle this?" Then posted the physical documents of all the hate articles/comments, and threatened to sue them (she added a dancing gif on it too)
Taeyeon's dog, Zero collabed with SPAO & got his own clothing line. It was sold out within 24 hours. 4 months after release, his collection sold ₩1 billion KRW worth of merch, making him an official billion seller. Zero is also an SM Entertainment employee
One time, rookie soshi and their managers forgot to take Tiffany with them on the van. They later realized that, and when they looked back, they saw her following them, crying
Rookie Taeyeon, Sooyoung and Yoona found a cockroach in their dorm room, so they set it on fire
SNSD laughing and taking pics/vids of themselves, as they vandalized SM's building, to promote their Mr. Mr. comeback, because SM fucked up their promo
Tiffany received many company business cards, but she decided to join SM Entertainment, because their card was pink
When Sooyoung was live, supportive boyfriend Kyungho joined & spammed the comments “Unnie please curse” “Speak Korean” “When will your drama air?” “Will there be a kissing scene? ... So what are you doing on Christmas? Because i'm free” Then Sooyoung told him to stop commenting
Sooyoung asking Leonardo DiCaprio to wish Tiffany a happy birthday
When Taeyeon was sick, so Tiffany dressed up as a sexy nurse for her concert. Then took a pic with Taeyeon's parents
Zero patting Taeyeon so she can pick him up
Hyoyeon and Key dramatically pretending to kiss in front of the fans
During Horror Movie Factory, when it was Taeyeon and Sunny's turn to go into the haunted school, the anonymous voice asked them "do you want to play the game?" And BOTH their asses heard "do you want fried chicken?" They're so unserious please 😭
When Sooyoung declined Tiffany's request, so her & Taeyeon gave her the middle finger, but turned it into a heart saying "I fucking love you" After the live Sooyoung posted "I was taking a bath?? You 2 have full make up on, dont you look fucking pretty!"
A workers experience with soshi at a restaurant “They are only 9 but ordered meals for 15 people” “We closed the door to the private room but we can still hear them” “Why are they writing SNSD with asparagus?” “Normal guests dont turn off candles by snorting it”
Taeyeon and Sooyoung kissing on national television, just as the "my best friend" caption pops up
Why didn't Hyeri just whisper in her other ear? Was the hand on neck placement necessary? Taeyeon malfunctioning?? That slight moment where they just looked at each other and nearly let their intrusive thoughts win?? It's only a 2 second video but I have so many questions
Don't ask because I don't know either
When SNSD became the ambassadors of Incheon Airport Customs, and were demonstrating airport safety, them and their drug sniffing dog busted someone who had marijuana hidden deep in his bag 😭


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