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Works of Whimsy Studios

Works of Whimsy Studios

Nov 24
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Today I shall share other makers that I love and show you what I have from them!! 🧵 I’ll keep updating between playing with the toddler, petting the dogs, playing board games, and eating. Here we go!

This is @🐙 Inkling 🐙 love! The most wonderful of humans! Everything is so well made and comfy and makes me happy!! They are SO supportive of others!!
@Ramona makes beautiful, intricate art! I have her prints (and an original!) all over my studio, and use her spell cards when I play! Instantly adds class wherever you put her things!!
@The Fabled Flame makes amazing D20 candles, and all her candles smell so good!! Also, she’s amazing to work with and takes THE best product photos!!!
@WolfwoodGaming are absolutely lovely, and have such awesome goods! I adore the dice potions, and wish I could have a full shelf of them!!
@Riddles TTRPG Swag and Dice Boxes is just the sweetest. The easiest collaboration partner ever, and always has cool new designs!! My favorite goblin!
Interlude: the hardest part of this is finding all the photos that I know are in my phone somewhere… 😂
@arielle 🔜 PAXU is the cutest! I think I’ll buy anything with her dice flowers on it! Plus she’s my best laser/maker buddy and we troubleshoot so many things together!! She makes SO many cool things!!!
@hannah makes my most favorite nerd snacks! Edible dice!!! Everything is so good and she’s so sweet!!
And after snacks comes coffee! @Found Familiar Coffee ☕️ is my most favorite coffee, with the most lovely humans! And they support so many small artists as well!!!
@Green Leaf Geek makes amazing dice, and works SO hard to bring cool things to life! I loved working with her, and can’t wait for my adventure calendar!!
More dice!! @Dice-awaii: KS Surveys 90% submitted! is an amazing dice artist, and so generous!!! The custom dice they made for the dnd club at husband’s school were absolutely perfect!!
@Long Dog Dice (Restock Nov25) is such a kind, amazing person, and a talented dice artist!! I’m looking forward to more art shenanigans soon!!
Some of my most favorite things are my scrollie rollies from @Becca💕✨ dice drop 11/5 at 5pm! Now we’re laser buddies as well!! Plus the Dino and duck dice that were donated to the dnd club were AMAZING!
@Tabletop Loot (then @That Parks Guy and @That Parks Gal) have been exceedingly kind to me! From borrowing laser parts and encouragement to school dice! Now the company is with @Deven Rue and I can’t wait to see where it goes!! (Also incoming collabs there too!!)
@Caitlín Hrafnsdóttir 🏳️‍🌈 is a wonderful human who has trusted me with some amazing designs!! I can’t wait to see what you think up next!!!!
@Nina Kalinkos makes the most fabulous clay creations! My Critmas dragon may be my favorite ornament ever!!! They are an amazing human and I always love seeing their new creations!!
@Staff And Branch is so encouraging and I swear, he works magic with wood and resin!!
@Stitch&Seam!! It is a joy to know you!!! My most favorite bag ever came from her, and she’s always got kindness to spread around!!
@Aras Sivad (she/her) bags are always so well made and make me so happy!!! Everyone should have a bag from them!!
Works of Whimsy Studios

Works of Whimsy Studios

Unique home decor and accessories. Tweets by Jess (@jessgeekmom), she/her
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