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After some thinking and advice from friends, I'm still pretty upset over the culture of dating being such a bad word for idols. Buckle up because I have a lot to say. [1]

Despite what fans claim, I find it extremely difficult to believe they hate dating for any reason beyond jealousy and control. We have had this argument over female twitch streamers years ago and came to this same conclusion. [2]
Unfortunately it's not something changed easily over night. It will take more honest members, more accepting management, and more voices supporting members happiness. [3]
I was not aware that AKB was currently without a direct manager. Not that this is an excuse for not sticking up for Nana in her time of need, but I suppose without knowing any direct details from a manager, corporate might be hesitant to get involved. [4]
Just for preface, I'm a male fan who sends at least 1 showroom tower a week, usually more. I have an entire room for my oshi Rina, and my car is wrapped in her image. At no point have I ever held the fantasy that she owes me anything. Not love, not letters, not even my name. [5]
I support her because I enjoy watching her and simply want to see her live a happy life with success. Whatever that happiness may come from. I don't say this to brag, just to show I'm not some new, non paying fan. I'm kinda the exact person who would usually be the problem [6]
Through all of this, I'm happy to see such strong support from so many Japanese and international fans. It makes me feel like progress is being made, even if slow. It's those strong voices that helps continue the progress. Leaving now helps nothing. [7]
I want to continue with AKB48 for now as fan and to find ways to help push the progress. I still may graduate alongside Okarina Rina just for personal growth, but I want to continue being a supporter of these amazing girls. We can make change happen. [8]
I want to thank each and every person who went to war in hateful comments, hurtful messages, trolls, etc. You are truly the heroes we need and I can only hope to be as strong as you some day. [9 fin]
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