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Honestly, I have to say Shane, that the biggest gift to humanity would be disclosure at this point. I will never question God's timing, it is what it is. I love you so much Shane for your disclosure. It's just hard to see Humanity suffering so much today. I hope you understand🙏

Disclosure has been acted out upon the world stage for the last 7 years. Everything from 2012 on has been scripted to ACTO OUT DECLASS in real time—SHOWING what was happening for as long as it has been, How [they] did it all, got away with it all & #WHY it all was done.

ALMOST Everything you see happening in the world today, for the last 7 years has been what you would read on A piece of paper when declassed/disclosure .. The disclosures documents is the script, using good & bad actors wearing masks, SHOWING/ACTING out the past ..
Most of The people are thinking DECLASS that’s being acted out is reality .. It’s not reality, it’s what the people want to know but the blind have been leading the blind .. How many times have I said if you’re not rich, famous, a politician, have A blue check mark NOTHING one-
Says who isn’t one of those individuals matters ? .. So now you have A world snapping out of it, many are starting to realize those they’ve followed & out their trust in are presenting the false reality/actors acting out A scripted movie up on the world stage as reality—
When it’s not reality, it’s declass happening in real time SHOWING what has been done to humanity/children 10-15-35-60-77-100 years +++ ago, who was all in on it, how they got away with it & #WHY it was all done. The #ROOT of it all, the #WHY is the most important—
EVERYTHING that has ever been done in time has been done to ALTER TIMELINES .. One of evils goals was to stop A birth from happening, once realized evil failed stopping A specific birth from happening, [they] move on to the next phase & so on .. How do you alter an entire—
World populations timeline or stop ones from being who they were meant to be in this world that makes evil powerless & makes themselves along with others around them the very BEST VERSIONS OF THEMSELVES? .. -Drugs PURPOSELY put into the streets & certain communities? -Abortions?
-ENDLESS wars ? -Altering/manipulate how people are feeling by taking away FREE WILL without ones even knowing it JUST TO BE CONTROLLED & pushed into very evil agendas that set the stage for evil? There are many other scenarios, above is just A few .. Do you think someone -
With A drug addiction who is withdrawing from whatever substance of choice is thinking about the fine details in EVERYTHING they see around them? Is someone going through withdrawal Able to decipher false reality from reality? Is someone with an addiction going to vote for-
Someone that’s going to continue making it easier to get pain pills or someone trying to prevent addiction in society ? Addiction NUMBS individuals, ones suffering from addiction can’t feel like others feel, so all that was left in time within EVERY LAYER OF LIFE, is an addict—
Who is listening to music on their phone THINKING outside of the box to what he/she is listening to while going through withdrawal or while high? Is an addict realizing the music they’re listening to is A Cry out for help or warning signs of what is really happening in the world?
#WHY are humans “Creatures of Habit” & how did [evil] use this to [their] advantage ? .. Everything /Everyone has An origin story, this explains the now & proves the past right? For example, what was 9/11 really about? In 1999-2000 the United States was getting how much-
Poppy seed/Plants from over seas & from where ? .. BEFORE 1999-2000, the United States was getting around 13% of it’s poppy from where? #POST 9-11-2001, what did that number SKY ROCKET UP TO? What has been the destroying peoples lives the last 20+ years? How many lives -
Were thrown off course because of addiction? How many were supposed to do something extraordinary for humanity but [Evil] couldn’t allow that to happen, so [evil] purposely attempted to alter an entire world population off the paths they were meant to be on by putting drugs-
Into the hands of young children? How many pain management facilities are/were purposely designed to distribute drugs like pain pills the last 20+ years to the masses that co-exist with an evil agenda? EVERYTHING you can think of that has ever been done in time, it’s all-
Been done to try altering the life of 1 life as far away from the path he is meant to be on .. The SIN that everyone has been waiting for, the son who was conceived in sin .. #WIS CON(cieved)SIN, Every state & every other detail in life has been created as it has been KNOWING-
Of what was going to be taking place in the future because of time travel, good & evil playing time travel chess to save A life that saves an entire world just by being alive .. When people see 9/11 being on the SIM(WIS) P SON S, they immediately think it was A warning. -
WHAT IF it was not A warning, what if it was PROVING the false reality that has been PRE PLANNED, coordinated by evil, staged, scripted & KNOWN ABOUT FOR HUNDREDS OF YEARS, but HUMANITY/THE PEOPLE thinks what they’re seeing is//was REALITY/A Random act of terror when it was-
Specifically done as A ritual & to PUSH humanity into A specific direction in time that was setting [evils] stage for what was going to be happening in the future? ALL OF IT has been done by purposely TAKING AWAY EVERYONES #FREE #WILL without knowing it .. The people lived -
Their lives post 9/11 exactly how [they] needed everyone living .. Look at the people in the crowds at old sports broadcasting starting at 1989 going back, then go from 1989 forwards in time, stop at 1999/2000 & do the same thing—Take A look at how the people look in the -
Crowds .. Once you’ve done that, fast forward to 2010, then go to 2020 & finally you are to present day, WHAT DO YOU SEE? (What do you think you would see while reading this)? Evolution of humanity? #OR The start of slowly killing off A Countries population who’s been lied-
Too for HUNDREDS of years about what the United States of America truly is .. A man who is on prescription drugs & or street drugs, is A man producing the correct amount of testosterone or sperm? A woman on those same prescription drugs & or street drugs, is she producing eggs-
The same as someone who is not on drugs ? .. Now with MANY doped up NUMB to the world, not having A care about anything happening in the world, not even all who are crying out for help being ignored, showing humanity all the warning signs of what’s been happening & what’s to-
Come, all if it shot down because so many can’t process what’s happening in their own lives much less think about WHY something is happening to someone else for them to be crying out for help or not being able to process what all the warning signs mean left in time for humanity.
It’s been an endless cycle of self destruction on so many different levels, the people acting & doing EXACTLY as [evil] has needed the people acting .. Hurting the peoples own selves making it easier to be infiltrated without anyone realizing anything.. [THEY] thought no one -
Would figure it all out in time, [they] thought for sure it would be too late for humanity by the time everyone started awakening, [THEY] were all wrong & doubted the power of #LOVE .. [THEY] doubted the power of #FORGIVENESS. I choose to love & forgive because those two-
Things can NEVER be taken away from me .. I will always hold the power [THEY] know [they] can’t take away from me. THAT is what [All evil] fears the most. If everyone chose to LOVE & forgive, the world would be amazing. Forgiveness means you Don’t need to see Justice-
Played out, you can live your life knowing you forgave [evil] for what [all evil] did, helping make this world a better place without ANY remaining [evil] in the world being able to alter your path. . Most aren’t programmed this way & choose to be the individuals [evil]-
The ghosts of evil beings needs them acting .. It is what it is, everything has been SHOWN to the world in some way, it’s just A matter if what lens you see everything through ..
I AM … Shane Browning R I S
Cc: -Mil/###- 456/Flip On aRRival. 123 ENTER MO / Call ME … (3)-22-1-ZERO …227:27Time100 🔑
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