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esoteric healing tips i learned within the past couple of years. β€’ solar charge filtered tap water with sunlight. β€’ add lemon to restructure filtered tap water. β€’ juicy fruits & coconut water hydrate you way better than water bc the water in them is structured & alive.

β€’ sungaze right when the sun is rising & setting to fix the circadian rhythm & to draw solar energy into your cells & organs. better if you can do this with your bare feet on the earth. β€’ grow your own herbs. can be grown in pots & you will save a lot of $$.
β€’ touch as many natural surfaces with your bare hands. palms & fingers contain a high density of nerve endings. β€’ shoes alter the natural shape of your feet. shoes disconnect & keep you ungrounded. so stay barefooted whenever it’s safe. walk on earth with no feet coverings.
β€’ natural oils such as rosehip oil. tallow. vitamin e. rose water are really the only skincare you need. (the cleanest brands can still disrupt your skin microbiome). β€’ for vibrant hair, consume nettle, rosemary & horsetail herbs. eggs masks & rosemary water are your friends.
β€’ infuse herbal tea for a few hours to increase the nutrient content by 10x. make a big batch and store in the fridge & take sips throughout the day. (should last for 24 hours). β€’ organic cilantro is one of the most powerful herbs to detoxify heavy metals & radiation.
β€’ oil pull & tongue scrape for oral health. β€’ add black seed oil. irish seamoss, nettle. burdock. dandelion. ginger shots. raw unfiltered honey. bee pollen into your diet. these are loaded with vitamins & minerals.
β€’ emf protection. get shungite & place near the wifi router. turn wifi off at night. put all devices on airplane mode when not in use & at night. throw the microwave out. add organic cilantro to your diet bc it removes radiation from the body. β€’ ditch airpods & smartwatches.
β€’ parasites live in all of us & it’s important to cleanse them out a few times a year. take capsules made out of thyme, oregano, wormwood, black walnut, cloves, garlic. mimosa pudica capsules work great as well. take a binder such as chlorella. cilantro, spirulina.
β€’ go for clothes & sheets made out of natural materials. ditch synthetic materials such as polyester, nylon etc & opt for organic cotton, linen, hemp etc. β€’ ditch tea bags full of microplastics & go for loose leaves. ditch plastic containers, water bottles & opt for glass.
that’s all i can think of off the top of my head. i’ll keep adding more to this thread as i go. what else would you add?
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