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Emma Evans 🌻

Emma Evans 🌻

Nov 24
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You want to know why closeted conservative Queers are so violently anti-gay? As a sex worker who has worked with many of them, I can easily tell you. They hate your freedom.

You know how many white conservatives have wept while telling me they hate their life? They don't. They love their life. They do. That's the problem, you see. They can't have their life AND be their authentic self.
They tell me they'd lose their job, their kids, their partner (and yes, many do love their wives). They'd be thrown out of their church, their community! SO HOW DARE THAT F*GGOT BE HAPPY!
Some...don't hate. Which is almost worse. Instead they live in perpetual fear, if they do not uphold male toxicity, Christofascism, hearth and home, kinder and good wife... They'll be found WITCH next. Better to be in the mob screaming WITCH WITCH WITCH.
And some just hate themselves. They repress until they can't. Then they 'indulge' then they purge. The purge is getting rid of anything/everything/everyone who 'tempted' them, made them 'dirty'. It's practically it's own kink.
It's identical to the 'good girl' who stays home and studies, and thinks abortion should be illegal so those sl*ts have to 'pay for it'.
But I find it WEIRD they tend to focus only on two things. First only trans WOMEN second, 'penis'
Emma Evans 🌻

Emma Evans 🌻

Proud sex worker Modern Hetaera Dominatrix Erotic Hypnotics artist She/Her, cis
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