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WHY Sunning Your Balls Raises Your Testosterone & Mood HINT: It's not what you think, it's not magick or woo, it's SCIENCE Join me as I explain what is destroying your balls, bros And how sunlight and/or UV-B light on your balls shuts down this destructive process / thread /

First, the main study that all of this is based on: Small study, only 5 ppl UV lamp (NOT sun!) was applied to the either the chest or genital region of men for ⬆️ amt of time (up to 20 min) across consecutive days (up to 5)…
So what happened? "After 5 irradiations of the *chest*, the hormone output [androsterone] was ⬆️ to 155 i.u./L, that is, an ⬆️ of 120%" "After 5 irradiations [of the *genitals*] during 6 days, the androsterone excretion was ⬆️ from 70 to 205 i.u./L, nearly 200%" Not bad
What happened after UV exposure was STOPPED? Chest: "5 days w/o tx, output fell back to 80 i.u./L...examination 2.5 wks later showed it to be again 70 i.u./L" Genitals: "10-day interval w/o irradiation, hormone output went back to its ‘normal’ level of about 70 i.u./L"
We can assume something happened while the UV lamp was applied This effect faded away once the UV lamp exposure was removed Theory: What if the UV lamp was detoxing/destroying testicular toxin(s) while applied, only to have the testicles re-toxify after the UV lamp was stopped?
Let's clear something else up first All studies I've seen on T changes d/t light exposure in animals & humans are done w UV lamps NONE were w sunlight This is important "They" say: - sunlight=bad - tanning=bad - rat poison D3 supps (TeraD3 & D-Con)=good I say the opposite
Them: "I would NEVER take warfarin or coumadin, that stuff is RAT POISON!!!" Me: "[chuckles] So, have you heard about the active ingredient in TeraD3 or D-Con rat poison?" It's vitamin D3 (cholecalciferol) Big Pharma makes warfarin/coumadin & D3 Screenshots below
It's not very scientific to: - use studies to claim UV light benefits are the *same as the sun* - while also claiming that UV lamps & tanning beds are *all bad* Pick a side, bucko This site is great & debunks fearmongering garbage science on UV/tanning:
Big question: Is there a compound that is BOTH known to be toxic to testicular function AND that is detoxed/destroyed by UV light? Yes. Yes, there is This compound is the toxin known as "vitamin" A I'll elaborate (you know I always do)
Let's show some studies in actual humans Then we'll get to (much less valuable) cell-based (in vitro) studies The human studies always trump everything else While we're here, you should know there is NO DIFFERENCE in toxicity bw NATURAL & SYNTHETIC forms of "vit" A, see below:
Many claim that natural & "synthetic" forms of vitamin A (vA) are different...they say: - Natural forms are not toxic & synthetic is - Somehow, even though they are CHEMICALLY IDENTICAL, they function vastly differently They are quite wrong, I'll show you in research here 🧵
On to the human (in vivo) studies ⬆️ "vit" A in Egyptian men, ⬇️ testosterone Study: Estradiol Testosterone Ratio, Serum Retinol Binding Protein 4 and Insulin Resistance in Overweight and Obese Egyptian Men… Results following
⬆️ RBP4 levels, which mean ⬆️ "vit" A levels were assoc w: ***⬇️ testosterone*** ⬆️ estrogen ⬆️ estrogen to testosterone ratio (bad) ⬆️ Body Mass Index (BMI), aka fatter men ⬆️ waist circumference, aka fatter belly ⬆️ insulin resistance (bad) THAT'S BAD. What about women?
Same thing in women Study: Retinol-binding protein 4 is elevated & is associated with free testosterone & TSH in postmenopausal ♀️ NOTE: Retinol-binding protein-4 is a valid surrogate test for blood "vitamin" A levels What did it show?
In postmenopausal women: ⬆️RBP4 levels aka ⬆️ "vit" A = ***⬇️free testosterone*** ⬆️TSH (bad) In premenopausal women: ⬆️RBP4 aka ⬆️ "vit" A = ⬆️BMI aka fatter women None of that is good Sure does establish a pattern in HUMANS though!…
Now that I've demonstrated that more "vit" A floating around the blood equals lower Testosterone Does "vitamin" A damage the testicles in other ways, such as related to sperm production (the recent hot topic for health goo-roos to tweet about)?
"Animal Vit A" aka retinol, damages sperm-producing Sertoli cells: Study: Retinol supplementation induces oxidative stress & modulates antioxidant enzyme activities in rat sertoli cells
"Active Vit A" (all-trans retinoic acid) destroys sperm-producing Sertoli cells: "RA at high doses (1-10 microM) ⬆️ TBARS levels & induced a ⬇️ in cell viability" Viability = the ability to function adequately That's not good
"vit" A damages sperm-making & transporting tubes "all-trans retinoic acid completely inhibited seminiferous cord formation" Are you seeing the pattern yet?
Any human evidence of "vit" A weakening sperm? "men who consumed organ meats had significantly ⬇️ progressive sperm motility & ⬆️ LH levels than men who did not consume organ meats" For most, organ meats = liver = "vit" A ⬆️LH = ⬇️ T levels… More below
Warning! Are you still eating TOXIC organ meats? In this thread, I'll cover the evidence that ALL organ meats, including wild, grassfed, and conventional animals are filled w toxins This thread may save your life RT to help people stop poisoning themselves!
More reproductive system destruction Accutane is 13-cis retinoic acid & is an "active" form of "vit" A in the body Some of the retinol you eat turns into Accutane aka 13-cis retinoic acid, there is no denying this biochemistry See images below for what "active vit A" destroys
"Active vitamin A" ABSOLUTELY DESTROYS sexual function See images vA, in its active forms absolutely destroys male & female reproductive systems Bill Gates LOVES "vitamin" A. Coincidence? Hardly Don't give him what he wants…
13-cis retinoic acid accutane active vit A destroys sexual function 1
13-cis retinoic acid accutane active vit A destroys sexual function 2
What happens when MALE baby mice can't break down retinoic acid ("active vit A")? "in which endogenous RA is not degraded, develop mild ovotestes, but more important, steroidogenesis is impaired & the reproductive tract feminized" Ovaries in their balls
Did you know pharma is researching male birth control via STOPPING the detoxification process of "vit" A? Must be pretty toxic to the balls then! See below FYI, female birth control has been shown to ⬆️ "vit" A in blood since 1975 (for a future thread) Weird coincidences, no?
"Inhibiting vitamin A metabolism as an approach to male contraception" Let me translate this. They mean that if the natural, normal DETOX process of toxic "vitamin" A is SLOWED, it makes men INFERTILE Bill Gates loves "vitamin" A for a reason, folks! 😉
After all that evidence of "vit" A damaging, mutating, and debilitating normal testicular function... Does UV light detox/destroy "vit" A? "ultraviolet irradiation causes a functional vitamin A deficiency" Yes. Yes, it does this via oxidation…
Scrotal (ballsack) skin is not very thick, and light easily penetrates it This is why UV light applied to the balls caused a greater ⬆️ of T than the chest It directly detoxes/destroys "vit" A in the balls Both approaches work, 1 worked better This is the connection
There is a lot more on toxicities & deficiencies affecting testosterone production in my thread below If you are interested in more, see these links Work with me directly:… My DIY "Love Your Liver" program can be found here: DON'T have to take Testosterone Replacement Therapy (TRT) to fix your depression & low T levels! What you have is a combo of TOXICITIES & DEFICIENCIES TRT is a band-aid cover-up It does *nothing* to fix the problems I'll cover in this /thread/ RT this & HELP MEN
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WHY Sunning Your Balls Raises Your Testosterone & Mood HINT: It's not what you think, it's not magick or woo, it's SCIENCE Join me as I explain what is destroying your balls, bros And how sunlight and/or UV-B light on your balls shuts down this destructive process / thread /
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