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Farmers Of The UK

Farmers Of The UK

Nov 24
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So Let’s talk about wool :) my favourite subject. And I’m not flogging you anything dont get me wrong I just want to show YOU what you can do with it and tell you how much I love it and show you the process, so I take my own wool from the farm wash dye and card and make art :)

I create artwork with pet fur and wool from the girls, the process is needle felting where I push the wool through a base material sort of painting with it
I have been doing this since 2010 and I can show you it is purely just practice.. any art and craft is just time perfecting what you love here is my first sheep portrait and one from last year
I find a calm in processing the wool, I’m quite a hyperactive person you may have noticed 😂 I found a quote from the @Madeline Miller book Circe so appropriate “Simplicity and skill at once, for your hands must be busy but your mind sharp and free” she was describing spinning
I need variety, I also needed a job where I didn’t leave the farm as much, if you farm you know what it’s like with kids and animals flexibility is everything and some times are busier than others. I find this has made me able to stay on farm and earn a bit of money
Mentally it’s amazing I find craft of any kind calming and there is such a joy in creating something out of sadly what’s practically a waste product on a farm. I understand and have also looked into processing In bulk and it’s unfortunately expensive especially when…
The product at the end isn’t great, our sheep the texels in particular have a frizzy course wool (believe it or not) you wouldn’t wear it probably only good for carpets. The Lleyn is better for yarn but for my job the fine quality isn’t essential
Farmers Of The UK

Farmers Of The UK

Charlotte Ashley of @laithafarm sarcastic farmer, artist using wool, all round fool, YouTube fanatic, TikTok extraordinaire and social media addict
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