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George Ten

George Ten

Nov 24, 2022
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My small group of friends and I made $15,000,000+ in online course sales… We are selling courses in the most saturated niches. Competing (and beating) giants in those industries. And now… I’m gonna share with you exactly HOW we are doing it. >>>A CopyTHINKING Thread 🧵 <<<

Look. When you hear “red ocean” or “saturated niche”… You probably run away from it. How are you gonna compete in there as a newbie with no social proof and authority? Well… That’s exactly what we do. • No audience • No authority • No social proof… And we still win.
Let me tell you how. It all starts with a creator. We find someone who has an interesting hobby. Or profession. That’s step number one and it’s easy. We all know such people in our personal network. (Yes. Even you know such people. Think). Then…
We look at the market and “compare” it to our creator’s unique view of the skill. Is there something unique about our creator? Yes? Just find a good big idea that showcases that unique skill. Combine it with an offer that your audience will find sexy… And that’s it. But…
What if your creator does not have anything unique? Just another Pilates instructor. What now? And this is the place you’ll most likely get stuck in. No uniqueness. Means quitting. Right? Wrong. There still is a way to win in a saturated market. Here’s how:
For this part I need to explain another element you need to know. Awareness levels. There are 5 awareness levels in any market: 1. Problem unaware 2. Problem aware 3. Solution aware 4. Product aware 5. Most aware. Now. We will only focus on the first 3:
And if we nail this part… The copy you write afterwards becomes almost irrelevant. Let’s dive in: 1. Problem unaware: Those are people who are NOT aware that they have a problem. An example? Look at Andrew Tate. He’s selling copywriting to an unaware audience. Right?
How? He’s selling MAKE MONEY. And then copywriting simply becomes the mechanism. The HOW behind his audience to make money. Tai Lopez does the same thing. Now. That’s an unaware audience. They don’t even know they have a specific problem. Then…
2. Problem aware. These are some of you who are reading this. You’re into copywriting. Or even marketing. But you know you have a problem. A specific problem. Or a specific set of problems. Here are a few examples:
• You can’t do market research • Don’t know how to write hooks • Are not sure what awareness levels are… And you are AWARE of it. You KNOW you have this problem. So that’s why you’re reading this thread. And my other threads. Makes sense? Now…
3. Solution aware. This is the next logical step after problem aware. You’ve been problem aware… Didn’t know how to do market research… And now you know there’s a solution. Or some solutions. You know you can solve that problem. You’re AWARE. Solution aware. Now…
Any of those three markets could make a good audience. And here’s the icing on the cake: Each and every one of those audiences USES A DIFFERENT LANGUAGE. They have different levels of knowledge. They think differently. Have a different set of pain points. Etc. Then…
You understand how you can sell the SAME product to 3 different audiences… Using different copy. But it gets better: Each of those three awareness levels audiences has DIFFERENT problems. Or at least they THINK of their problem in a different way. Makes sense? Then…
You can solve ONE specific problem to ONE specific awareness level audience. So for example: Market research. Think. How would you FRAME it to unaware people? As the holy grail of making money. Right? How about problem aware? Easy:
“Solve your market research problem and you’ll get (desired result).” Right? How about solution aware? All you’d have to do is frame it as a NEW (or different) way to do market research than everything else out there. EASY. Now are you smiling yet?
You see how one niche… Copywriting… Has an UNLIMITED amount of products you could sell. Different awareness levels. Different problems. Different solutions. Different positioning. Different framing. This is ENDLESS. And this… My friend…
Is the tip of the iceberg of copyTHINKING. Now you understand why copythinkers can compete (or better yet: NOT compete) in ANY niche. Any market. Saturated. Not saturated. Aware. Unaware. High or low sophistication level. WE DON’T CARE. We can still win if we THINK!
Copywriters who don't understand this... Start lying. Exaggerating. They can't find a better way to sell their products... So they use hype and scam tactics. Let's help clean the copy world. Let's turn copywriters into CopyTHINKERS. What say? You with me?
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George Ten

George Ten

My small group of friends and I made $15,000,000+ in online course sales… We are selling courses in the most saturated niches. Competing (and beating) giants in those industries. And now… I’m gonna share with you exactly HOW we are doing it. >>>A CopyTHINKING Thread 🧵 <<<
Ohh. And if you wanna deep-dive into CopyTHINKING... You can join the Copythinking community soon. For now? All you can do is join the wait list. We'll only have 100 spots in the beginning... On a first-come-first-served basis. Here's the sign-up link:
George Ten

George Ten

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