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Nov 24
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What Each Adam Driver Character is Doing on Thanksgiving: A Mini Thread

So no full thread today. Life got in the way and I’m disappointed in myself. Sorry, everyone I put together this mini thread though. There’s main categories of what people do on Thanksgiving and where each character would fall A huge thank you to @Jewls has carpal tunnel 🧚🏻‍♀️ for her help ❤️
Wakes Up Early to Watch the Parade ⁃Charlie Barber ⁃Henry McHenry ⁃Jude
Watches Football All Day ⁃Flip Zimmerman ⁃Paterson
Takes a Nap After Dinner ⁃Ben Solo ⁃Ronnie Peterson
Watches the Dog Show ⁃Paul Sevier ⁃Clyde Logan ⁃Rick Smolan
cw// tld Goes Black Friday Shopping ⁃Allan ⁃AU Jacques/ AU Medieval Ben ⁃Maurizio Gucci
Starts Drama at Dinner for Fun ⁃Jamie Massey ⁃Toby Grummet ⁃Phillip Altman
Runs a Turkey Trot ⁃Adam Sackler ⁃D/an Jo/nes ⁃Kylo Ren
End of mini thread. Happy Thanksgiving, everyone! 🦃 I’m so thankful for all of you 💕


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