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Nov 24
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Ever watched @BBC Question Time, thought "this is completely, insanely biased" but not been able to put your finger on why? We looked in detail at every episode from a single year (2021) and have the answers for you Please RT / read thread... /1 #bbcqt…

Firstly, there IS clear left-right bias in the panel selections Only three journalists who primarily work for left-wing outlets appeared on Question Time in 2021 TWENTY journalists who primarily work for right-wing outlets appeared /2 #bbcqt…
It gets worse... A mere TWO trade unionists/worker representatives appeared on Question Time in 2021 TWENTY-SEVEN employers/employer representatives, mostly millionaires like Theo Paphitis, who appeared twice That's right, Paphitis HIMSELF appeared as many times as worker reps
Oxbridge grads, private school attendees and millionaires are also massively over-represented 77 out of the 194 guests (39.7%) were privately educated This contrasts with 7% of the population as a whole… /4 #bbcqt
56 out of the 194 guests (28.9%) attended Oxford or Cambridge University This contrasts with 1% of the population as a whole /5 #bbcqt…
36 out of the 194 guests (18.6%) were verified millionaires And keep in mind, that's only the ones we can VERIFY (through publicly revealed wealth) The likelihood is that almost EVERY #bbcqt panellist (and Fiona Bruce) is a millionaire - large salaries, property portfolios, etc
So there you have it, the BBC's flagship panel debate: Skewed to the right Gives wealthy employers 13.5 times as much airtime as worker reps Overpopulated by Oxbridge, private school + millionaire elites We are paying to be propagandised…


A website and teaching tool exposing propaganda in the mass media. Media bias isn't about left-wing or right wing, it's about the ELITES vs the POPULATION.
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