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it’s kinda sad that people always beg for LGBTQ+ rep in star wars, and andor ACTUALLY DELIVERS, and a considerable portion of the fandom didn’t even watch the show lmao

i don’t get the point of being a star wars fan and not watching the critically acclaimed new series anyways… but ESPECIALLY if you’re somebody who wants more rep in star wars, SUPPORT THE CONTENT THAT IS GIVING US GOOD EXPLICIT REP
two important female characters are casually in a relationship together. there were no preachy news articles released saying “FIRST GAY CHARACTERS!!” like the 1 second tros kiss. the characters aren’t oversexualized or simply implied to be together. their relationship has depth.
and to top it off with the fact that people chose to watch tales of the jedi, a show that actively erased a sapphic character, yet ignore andor, and STILL talk about wanting more rep makes me tired lmao. support the content that has rep to encourage more of it.
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