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nora ୨୧

nora ୨୧

Nov 24
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‘casting call’ for the model pre-show prep inspired edtwt gc! — rules below..🖊️

note: this groupchat is inspired by the tweet below by @isla 🫧. the aim is to diet/prep similarly to models before a runway show through exercise and food/macro intake. daily goals and workouts will be shared as well as inspo pics/vids of models prepping for shows etc.
rules: -min age is 14. -cal limit is 1200. -meal pics encouraged. -aim for high protein. -binge=kick. -cal surplus without burning=kick -you must exercise daily. -2l water daily. -inactive=kick. -stats + weigh ins weekly!
it will start on monday (28/11/22) and ends 23/12/22. like + reply with your @ to be added, good luck!
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