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[A novel virus appears] Hmm this could be a problem . It doesn't transmit human to human It looks like it does . It doesn't do it well Uh, it looks like it does . Well it definitely doesn't transmit asymptomatically because that would be a problem. I think it does

. Okay maybe it does a little tiny bit but not much because that would be a problem I think maybe it does it a lot . Let's not jump to conclusions
All kinds of viruses transmit asymptomatically in the literature. SARS cousins transmit the talking about . Anyway even if it does transmit a symptomatically at least it's not airborne because that would be a problem It damn well is airborne
. No it has an R0 of 2 AR values are never correctly calculated and by the way it's closer to 6 . Six?! You're a fear monger What on Earth would I telling people it's in the air and they need to wear a mask or other air mitigation . Well it's not proven to be in the air
Sure looks like when it infects 60 people at an event it is airborne . Well they didn't sample live virus Yes they have .well it's not an RCT That's the wrong tool for the job . It's the only real evidence We can use physics
The droplets are nonsense . You're not an expert So we're gatekeeping and not on a hunt for the truth? . Be polite. Anyway, listen, we can use HEPA filters . Those don't even work What?! They were invented in the 40s. They're used in clean rooms to make computer chips
. That doesn't sound like medicine so I don't know that we can trust that But you don't even understand physics . Yeah it's not medicine Anyway we can use the HEPA filters . No they'll spread the droplets What on earth are you talking about?? What droplets?
. The ones viruses transmit in Can you show me a single paper that proves the existence of these droplets and that they transmit? . No everybody just knows it's true. Come on I don't believe this is a legitimate search for truth anymore
. Oh it's not but anyway stop worrying about the virus it'll be mild It seems to be killing a lot of people . Yeah but it transmits a lot asymptomatically so you're not seeing all the cases Wait but you just said-- . It's nuanced Is that just a euphemism for bull--
. Shh. It is not. Anyway the children don't even catch What? That's ridiculous they're catching it right now. . Well they might catch it a little but they definitely don't spread it What are you talking about they're spreading it all over the place right now
. Well they're spreading it all over their homes but not in schools You're nuts schools are the driver of infection. That's the only place the kids go really, anyway . Even if kids catch a little bit in schools it's very mild for kid
The kids are always more mild on the numbers - U shaped mortality and all that. But they still die and get hurt . No Uh, yes . Well listen we're not seeing serious outcomes from this extremely mild virus - like the flu - because that would be a problem. But yes we are
. No, only in a few people No in a fair number of people
. Well it might be a fair number of people but listen it'll never reinfect because that would be a problem. What are you talking about it's reinfecting all over the place just like every other coronavirus known to humans
. You can't extrapolate from other viruses. This is a completely novel virus we know nothing about What are you talking about?! Of course we can we can draw broad conclusions and at least act precautionarily
. I don't even know what that word means listen at least this thing doesn't go to the brain because that would be a problem. I think this thing might go to the brain
. No that's nonsense Coronas don't go to the brain I haven't read the literature at all but I definitely know that's true because if it went to the brain that would be a problem Well people are losing their sense of smell so it seems to be going up the olfactory nerve
. No that's just inflammation that will go away in two weeks I know people who have been like this for 6 months that's not inflammation this thing is going to the brain . Well okay maybe it goes a little bit to the brain but that was totally unexpected.
It was totally expected Coronas go to the brain. . Well listen, it's no big deal because the virus can't establish persistence in the body We're now finding that the virus hangs out at all kinds of organs in the body
. But we don't know if it's a virus or the effects from the virus because if it's the virus that's a problem Okay we're now finding it's definitely the virus hanging out in the body probably because we let it rip and we made all kinds of nasty variants
. Well listen we have a vaccine now so the pandemic is over Vaccine is excellent and it's reducing the deaths but it's not ending the pandemic . Sure it is the deaths are decoupled from the cases No-oooo, there are fewer deaths but they're in no way decoupled
. Deaths are way down and anyway the vaccine will stop transmission I agree serious outcomes have been reduced but this is not going to stop transmission. The vaccine makers never said that. . Well we can crank out an mRNA anytime so just get vaccinated and the pandemic is over
But you're not supposed to use vaccines like this. You're supposed to reduce transmission as much as possible while you vaccinate . Nobody wants to do that. Anyway listen we got the shot - pandemic is over No vaccinated are getting sick . No they're not Uhh, yes they are
. No they're not that's anecdotal It's a lot of anecdotes - reinfections all over the place . But we don't really know until we can do a full RCT You and these RCTs. Is that the only thing you understand?
. Is this another physics question I don't do physics. Anyway listen booster number two no more reinfection That doesn't make a lot of sense we get reinfected with flu every year . This isn't flu But didn't you say earlier-- Listen I said two shots we're done let's celebrate.
I don't know. We're seeing breakthrough reinfections in people with the 2 boosters . Maybe it takes three? Are you just making this up? . Uhh Also by the way people with three are getting reinfected now. . Well listen natural immunity from infection ... that's best immunity
You're insane aren't you? . Now now be polite. Don't make me answer that. It was rhetorical . Is that physics? I said I don't do physics. (Click)
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Forgot T cells will save us and viruses always evolve to mild. Next round.
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