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šŸ§µ1/5: Now with #Andor S1 wrapped, I wanted to breakdown how grateful I am to be part of the creative process, specifically the multiple times I luckily worked on Death Star related shots. And it got me thinking about the generational aspect of visual effects.

šŸ§µ2/5: Back in 2016 I was pulled in to comp the two Death Star reveal shots for the trailer of Rogue One. Under the supervision of John Knoll and @Todd Vaziri, I got given a thorough deep dive and had my mind blown how many intricate little details were done on the original models.
šŸ§µ3/5: Here were two creatives who worked on the Prequels passing their knowledge down to me. But before that they worked with the folks who did the Original Trilogy on the Prequels who passed their experience down to them.
šŸ§µ4/5: Circle round to earlier this year when we were approached to do the final post credits sequence on Andor. Under the supervision of Mohen Leo (who also worked on R1) & Scott Pritchard, we looked to recreate the DS, but this time in its construction glory.
šŸ§µ5/5: Now it was my chance to pass the experience I gained from Rogue One onto a new generation of creatives. That is one of the many aspects as to why I love my job. It may be a few shots, but it's a history/ culture we're trying to preserve & keep alive in all our new projects
PS: It was such an honor working with the team on Andor. Dream team is an understatement cause it was some of the best times I've had in my career.
Also it was a small but powerful team of layout, animators, generalists, lighters, and compositors that made that lovely end sequence.
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