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24 November – Update to all education and childcare settings and providers from Today’s email includes: FOR ACTION •an update on CO2 monitors and air cleaning units for state-funded education settings

DfE now providing CO2 monitors for the 50% of state schools which didnt get them last year. And offering another bid for HEPA filters but only for schools able to show rooms consistently >1,500ppm CO2 indicating v poor ventilation not >800ppm as experts recommend
Only about 5,000 HEPA filters were provided already,+ 2 models offered were not the best. No suggestionDIY Corsi Rosenthal boxes provide better CADR for £, STEM class for children. No reference to alert on paediatric hospital cases for respiratory illnesses +school transmission
There has been a huge spike in demand for #PedsICU beds & many units are at/over capacity Thanks for working so hard despite staff shortages & challenging circumstances We are collaborating with @NHS England on #winter escalation to ensure quality care…
No recommendation that children and staff in schools wear FFP2?3 masks That ventilation must be improved immediately That commercial HEPA filters or DIY Corsis Rosenthal Boxes can filter Covid and other viruses in respiratory aerosols out of the air.
Measuring poor ventilation when mitigating it with emergency air filtration in airborne COVID pandemic crisis is poor use of Govt funds Stop just measuring dirty air: Clean it !…
🔥 If a building’s on fire you don’t run in brandishing more fire alarms… do you? £49m on CO2 monitors could have bought equipment to make 284,883 #CorsiRosenthalBoxes, or buy 148,484 @SmartAirUK HEPA filters. (NB: There are ~300,000 classrooms in 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿)…
Hazards Campaign #CovidIsAirborne #Ventil8Filter
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