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Nov 25, 2022
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Canaries Throughout Arrow It's no secret that Black Canary is one of the most important characters for the Green Arrow mythos. When it came to the attempts of adapting her into Arrow, however, the results were... interesting to say it mildly, and a mess to say it bluntly.

When the Queen's Gambit sank and Oliver was stranded in Lian Yu, he had been dating Laurel Lance while cheating on her with her own sister, Sara. Their mother was named Dinah Drake. Oliver had taken Sara with him in the yacht, and she was declared dead in the wreckage.
Sara however had survived and been taken in by the scientist Anthony Ivo aboard his ship, the Amazo. She reunites with Oliver but is once again presumed dead after an altercation with Slade Wilson.
Sara survives once again (ressurrection is a recurring theme for the character), washes ashore and is taken in by Nyssa al Ghul of the League of Assassins. She is trained as a ruthless killer, strikes a romance with Nyssa and becomes one of the best fighters in the Arrowverse.
Five years later Sara returns to Starling City as the Canary, a vigilante that protects vulnerable women. She rekindles her relationship with Oliver and joins his team, but eventually returns to the League in return for their aid against Slade.
Sara's codename is based on a pet canary she had when she was a child. She also sported a sonic device used to attack and disorient her foes.
Sara eventually rejoins the League in return for their aid against Slade, but she is then killed by an unknown assailant. The mystery surrounding her death is the main plotline of the first part of the third season.
Sara's sister Laurel is then inspired by her to become the Black Canary, and trains under Wildcat and Nyssa al Ghul to do so. Laurel sports a necklace called Canary Cry, which allows her to emit concussive soundwaves.
Once Laurel learns of the Lazarus Pits, she digs up Sara's rotting corpse and bathes her in one of the pits. Sara returns as a soulless monster, but Constantine manages to retrieve her soul from the afterlife. The process leaves Sara with an overwhelming bloodlust.
Laurel gifts Sara with a new suit and a new name, the White Canary. Sara joins the crew of the Waverider and becomes a Legend of Tomorrow seeking for atonement and redemption. She eventually becomes the ship's Captain after Rip Hunter's death and marries Ava Sharpe.
Laurel is then killed by Damien Dahrk, a magic-wielding madman. Her suit, Canary Cry and name are stolen by Evelyn Sharpe, a shortlived copycat who wanted revenge on Darhk. During Laurel's funeral, Oliver publicly reveals her identity as Black Canary.
When Oliver is elected mayor of Star City, he is convinced to find new vigilantes to help him protect the city. Among them is Evelyn, now going by Artemis. But Evelyn betrays Oliver after discovering his past as a serial killer, handing him over to Prometheus.
Another one of Team Arrow's new recruits was Dinah Drake, a CCPD detective working undercover who gained sonic powers. She lived as Tina Boland and sought revenge for the death of her work and romantic partner, Vincent Sobel, before being recruited by Oliver.
Meanwhile, the Flash fought Zoom, a serial killer speedster from Earth-2, a world where many heroes were instead villains. Over there, Laurel Lance was Black Siren, a criminal with sonic powers and one of Zoom's lieutenants, and he brought her to Earth-1 to fight the Flash.
After Zoom's defeat, Laurel-2 is left stranded in Earth-1. She allies herself with Prometheus and passes off as a ressurrected Laurel, but is eventually unmasked. Surviving the destruction of Lian Yu by Prometheus, she joins Cayden James' cabal of villains.
After the cabal is disbanded, Laurel strikes a relationship with Ricardo Diaz aka the Dragon, the man who took down Cayden James, and helps him in his war against Oliver. But she soon realizes how dangerous and unbalanced he truly is, and her allegiances shift towards Oliver.
Laurel-2's descent into crime had begun after the death of her father. Meanwhile, Laurel-1's father, Quentin Lance, grieved his daughter and saw redeeming Laurel-2 as a way of honoring her. When Diaz shoots Laurel after she rejects him, Quentin takes the bullet for her and dies.
This marks Laurel-2's shift towards redemption. She publicly reveals herself, claiming to be a ressurrected Laurel Lance, and takes up Laurel-1's job as district attorney. Despite being clearly unqualified, Laurel-2 manages to get Oliver freed from prison.
During Oliver's imprisonment, Laurel had become close friends with his wife, Felicity, while the rest of Team Arrow still distrusted her. She is framed for murder by Emiko, Oliver's lost half-sister and the New Green Arrow, but she eventually unmasks Emiko as a villain.
Laurel-2 then returns to Earth-2 to operate as their Black Canary, donning the original Laurel-1 suit gifted by Felicity. After the destruction of Earth-2 by the Anti-Monitor during the Crisis on Infinite Earths, Laurel-2 joins Oliver in his multiversal missions for the Monitor.
Twenty years into the future, Dinah is leading the Canaries, a network of female fighters protecting Star City. One of the recruits was Zoe Ramírez, daughter of Dinah's former teammate Rene, but she is killed by the new Deathstroke. This timeline is erased during the Crisis.
When Oliver rebuilds the Multiverse after the Crisis, he brings back the important people of his life who had died, including Tommy Merlyn, Moira Queen and Laurel. Laurel-2 develops survivors guilt over being brought back instead of Laurel-1, but eventually accepts it.
Laurel-2 and Dinah are then mysteriously spirited away twenty years into the future and both operate as Black Canaries, allying themselves with Oliver's daughter Mia, the new Green Arrow. This was supposed to lead into the discarded spin-off show Green Arrow and the Canaries.
Shere Khan Apologist

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