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Nov 25, 2022
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🌺Is Gandharv Vivah of the ancient times, Love Marriage of present times?🌺 ♨️And, how many types of marriages are there as per hindu scriptures ?♨️ People keep asking whether they are going to have Love marriage or arranged.

For foreigners there is mostly only one type of marriage; that is Love marriage. But according to Vedic religion, there are total 8 types of marriages.
1. ⚜️Brahma Marriage⚜️ When the boy finishes his education acquiring all the required skills, following Brahmacharya, the groom’s family approaches the family of a suitable girl. Bride’s father then enquires about the birth, conduct, character, learning, acquirements,..
..and acts of the groom before bestowing one’s daughter. Isn’t it sounding like Indian arranged marriage? Yes, according to Manusmriti, this is the highest form of marriage and no dowry is involved in such marriage.
The son of a wife married according to Brahma rites liberates ten ancestors and descendants. Along with Venus, Jupiter and Ketu are involved in such marriage.
2. ⚜️Prajapatya Marriage⚜️ Unlike Brahma marriage, in this type of marriage, an eligible groom is enticed with wealth and presents by the bride’s father to marry her daughter.
However, the father gives away his daughter with due honor saying “May both of you perform your civil and religious duties” and a verbal agreement to practice the dharma together. According to Manu Smriti, this is not considered as a great marriage.
The son of a wife married according to prajapatya rite liberates six ancestors and descendants. Mars & Venus with the aspect of Jupiter works for such marriage.
3. ⚜️Daiva Marriage⚜️ In this, the bride’s family waits for a suitable groom. If she doesn’t get married to a suitable groom till a specified time, her family look to marry her to a priest who officiates over sacrifices.
The father gives away his daughter to a priest as a Dakshina (sacrificial fee) This type of marriage is considered inferior to Brahma marriage as it is degrading to womanhood. Saturn, Jupiter and Ketu are involved in this type of Marriage.
4. ⚜️Arsha Marriage⚜️ Arsha means Sage in Sanskrit. In this form of marriage, usually, the groom is a Rishi. The bride is married to a Rishi in exchange for two cows or a cow and a bull. This is just to show that a sage does not possess extraordinary wealth.
It usually happens when the bride’s family is not able to bear the expenses of their daughter’s marriage. According to Manu,the son of a wife married according to arsha rite liberates three ancestors and descendants. Jupiter Saturn & Venus combination with Ketu’s aspect on them.
5. ⚜️Gandharva Marriage⚜️ Finally the one all boys and girls dream to have - ‘love’ marriage, it is Gandharva marriage that is the most similar. This is where a groom and his bride will wed without their parents knowledge.
In this form of marriage, the couple either lives together out of love or mutual consent or marry each other out of their own free will without the consent of their families.
This led to Hindu culture shifting to child-marriage as possibility of inter-caste relation became high. Mars, Venus, Moon and Rahu combination is involved.
⚜️6. Asura Marriage⚜️ In this matrimony, where the groom is not in the slightest bit compatible with the bride. Bride’s father likes money and the groom is happy to surrender his own wealth. It is like buying a product by paying a huge amount of money.
Thus this form of marriage is also considered inferior to Brahma marriage. Mercury Saturn and Venus connected here. 7. ⚜️Rakshasa Marriage⚜️ Much like a Bollywood Movie, in this type of marriage,the girl is forcibly abducted by groom. The Bride’s family is killed or defeated.
The groom will forge battles with the bride’s family, overcome them and carry the bride away to convince her to marry him. Saturn, Mars and Rahu involved.
In the modern era, this form is a criminal offence u/s 366 of IPC. Section 366 prescribes punishment for abducting/kidnapping a woman to compel her to marriage is punishable with imprisonment up to 10 years and/or fine.
8. ⚜️Paishacha Marriage⚜️ This type of marriage is considered to be the worst or lowest form of marriage. In this, the girl is abducted when she is asleep and intoxicated. Not only that, she is also seduced and molested during sleep.
The female will be forced to marry when she is not willing to marry the groom chosen for her. Saturn Rahu and Mars are involved in this type of marriage.
It resembles as an act of rape, which in the modern era is the most abominable act one could ever commit and is punishable u/s 376 of the IPC. Whoever commits rape shall be punished with imprisonment of not less than 7 years and may extend to lifetime along with fine.
The eight forms are divided into 2 categories of approved and unapproved forms of marriage according to modern day law and order. Brahma, Daiva, Arsha and Prajapatya come under the approved forms of marriage.
The other forms have become almost obsolete in the present time as they are now a punishable offence around the world and unacceptable as per the societal standards and morals.
Courtesy: Saptapadi Vivah Ashtrosharmistha
Vibhu Vashisth 🇮🇳

Vibhu Vashisth 🇮🇳

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