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Nov 25
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Day 274, November 24th. Summary of #Arestovych and #Feygin daily broadcast, by @Anastasiya1451ā€¦ šŸ”„Battlefield overview šŸ”„Kherson

Russia started systematic artillery shelling of Kherson and the liberated West bank of the Dnipro River, including residential areas & civilian infrastructure. The city of Kherson was shelled 17 times on Thursday killing 4 people and wounding several others.
šŸ”„Donetsk & Lugansk regions Russia is expected to increase its military activity in Donetsk & Lugansk regions, attempting to fulfil the political objectives of capturing the entirety of the two regions.
This is also aimed to gain a better negotiation position in the eyes of the West.
While Russia has transferred part of the forces from the Kherson region to these regions, Ukraine also has troops that were stationed in Kherson and can be transferred to reinforce the local defences. šŸ”„Bahmut & Soledar
The local tactical clashes between Ukrainian and Russian forces continue. No major changes in the frontline. Russia continues to send forward troops and sustain high losses. šŸ”„Russian mobilization
Russia is rotating its troops, sending the professional military to Russia to replenish forces and substituting the troops at the front with mobilized and, to a lesser extent with mercenaries (e.g. Wagner).
The mobilized Russian troops are unprepared and incapable of complex military operations. Russia is sending a large number of the mobilized that Russia sends to the front to buy time with bodies. šŸ”„Belarus
Ukrainian intelligence does not dismiss a possibility of a second attempt by Russia to invade the North of Ukraine from the territory of Belarus. Yet, there are no signs of immediate threat, and any attempt will take time to prepare.
For now, Belarus is not preparing an invasion force, but Russia uses the Belarusian infrastructure to train additional troops to send to Donetsk & Lugansk regions. šŸ”„Russian war crimes
While commenting on Russian missile attacks against Ukrainian residential areas and critical infrastructure, including maternity wards and the electric grid, Peskov has acknowledged the strikes but claimed that ā€œRussia does not target ā€œsocially importantā€ infrastructureā€.
This shows to the international community that Russia is openly committing war crimes and even Russia-appeasers find it increasingly harder to attempt a return to ā€œbusiness as usualā€ with Russia. The next step will be the recognition of Russiaā€™s genocide of Ukrainian.
šŸ”„EU, sanctions and financial aid to Ukraine The EU is discussing the institution of a ā€œprice corridorā€ for Russian oil.
This help to limit Russian income from oil and the surplus profits in case of oil price fluctuations, e.g. in an event of Iran targeting oil tankers and oil prices skyrocketing temporarily. The Biden administration is also discussing the ā€œprice corridorā€ for Russia.
This is also facilitating the implementation of secondary sanctions in case someone tries to circumvent the accords. To support Ukraine during wartime, the EU, including Hungary, has organised another loan of 18B euros to support the Ukrainian economy in 2023.
šŸ”„Russian military & state officials fleeing the sinking ship CIA is reportedly recruiting Russian military & state officials that are reaching the Intelligence services in masse and offering their services.
The military failure (for which the Army will be a scapegoat) and increasing economic disaster in Russia will incentivize many military officers & state officials to sell state secrets (to CIA, SBU, etc ) in exchange for money or safety guarantees.
This situation is not very different from the systematic cooperation of ex-soviet citizens with the Western intelligence services after the fall of the USSR and disarray in Russia. šŸ”„Lukashenko vs Tsikhanouskaya - threading a fine line
While Sviatlana Tsikhanouskaya is the internationally recognised legitimately elected president of Belarus, Ukraine doesnā€™t want to provoke Lukashenko by meeting Tsikhanouskaya.


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