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Phil Cunningham

Phil Cunningham

Nov 25, 2022
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CCTV FOLLIES 11/24 Hardship in land of plenty Nightly News top story is the overflowing abundance of food in the entire country. -Empty shelves in Zhengzhou (not shown) -Protests in Zhengzhou, lock down (not mentioned) -Xi congratulates Congo -Sun Chunlan, Covid Czarina

This is Not CCTV A ZhengZhou supermarket
This is not CCTV Police stormtroopers stamping out dissent in Zhengzhou
This is CCTV... Xi congratulates Congo (Kinshasa)
This is CCTV... Politburo hack Li Zhanshu expounds next to a Red Flag and a Great Wall mural, along with a handy identification plaque that says "China"
This is CCTV... Sun Chunlan hectors regional officials to get in line with the paramount leader's Covid control program
Nice spaced-out pictures, CCTV, but starting to worry about the phrase "in the next ten years" since the phrase "in the last ten years" is code for the tenure of rule of one ambitious man in particular.
This is CCTV... The story is about agriculture in Heilongjiang but it's the gauzy mask that really grabs attention.
As for international news, Germany and France express dissatisfaction with the US, which is just how China wants it to be.
Why was Zelensky allowed to address the Security Council of the UN? His excellency, the Russian ambassador, who wears a proper suit and tie, has some nuanced thoughts on the topic.
Ready for a hard drink? This one sounds promising. "For High Quality. For Better Life."
But wait, there's more. Perhaps you like to imbibe your high-octane firewater from a bottle with a patriotic red star on it.
The ads are endless this evening. A slow news day? There are public service announcements for "Big Beautiful China" and the Communist Party's hauntingly depicted "The power of the mission" "The countryside revitalized" "Great things start with two hands..."
And a thinly-veiled liquor ad. "A brew worthy of kung fu, a fragrance handed down from generation to generation"
And that's the news, from CCTV.
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