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Techno had a soulmate. A soulmate whose wheezy laugh brightened his day, a gift from the universe during a tricky situation. Compulsion had been chasing him, mouth open to freeze him in place, when he was grabbed by the arm, pulled into an alley, and hands clapping over his ears

As soon as Techno met the eyes of his savior, he knew. Especially as he raised his hands to cover the kid’s ears, and the kid rolled his eyes at him. At the Blade. The number 1 villain of Manburg. The kid was shaking with laughter at his gobsmacked expression.
And after it was clear to emerge from their hiding place, the little shit tripped him. The obstacle was so unexpected, Techno nearly faceplanted into the opposite wall. The kid snickered, apparently not at all fussed by antagonizing one of the most dangerous men of Manburg.
The kid introduced himself as Tommy as he led Techno into a flower shop. Dappled sunlight streamed in from the windows, partially blocked by hanging baskets and succulents lining the windows. Techno turned his attention back to Tommy, who was still chattering about Heroes.
“W—Compulsion can just be too much of a wanker sometimes,” he chattered idly, trimming a couple dead leaves off of an ivy plant growing around the register. “So it wasn’t because I think you’re a cool villain, no, that’s ridiculous. I just hate Compulsion. Like he’s so— OUCH!”
Techno whirled around. The kid had cut his finger, blood dribbling from his hand. The scent of blood sent his instincts in a frenzy, demanding to know who hurt his savior, his soulmate. Before he knew it, he had crossed the room, digging through his utility belt for bandages.
“No it’s alright, you don’t have to —“ The kid’s rushed excuses cut off as Techno lifted his hand to the light and his breath caught. Not at the cut. It was barely two inches long. But at the tattoo of a rose, barbed thorns wrapping around his wrist. Just like Techno’s.
All soulmates had matching tattoos. They were a symbol of the permanent bond between them. But to anyone in the public eye, being soulmates with a villain, or a politician (same thing, in Techno’s opinion) was a target. No one had ever seen his tattoo. And no one ever would.
Weeks passed, and Techno found himself visiting the flower shop nearly every day. He didn’t know how to go about visiting Tommy, not wanting to bother him. So he’d buy flowers. Bouquets of roses, carnations, lilies, and chrysanthemums now filled his house with color.
Until Tommy asked one day why he was so into flowers, not suspecting the notorious villain Blade was secretly a florist. Until he’d admitted he just wanted to visit. Tommy had laughed himself hoarse, then gave him a yellow rose. Just like his tattoo. Just like their tattoo.
Not that he knew. The next day, Techno entered the store maskless for the first time, the rose pinned to his lapel. The kid’s eyes widened in shock, before hugging him so tightly his ribs creaked. Techno visited more after that, content to laugh away the day with his soulmate.
Another two weeks passed before Techno had to admit he was spending less time on his villain persona than he should be. For God’s sake, he was being outran by an apprentice. He’d lost track of Compulsion, but his apprentice was just out of his reach, bounding across rooftops.
With a stamina that was, frankly, irritating. “Come on Blade, my grandma runs faster than that!” ..okay, his stamina wasn’t the only thing irritating about the Hero. Loud mouthed Icarus had been in the Hero’s Guild for four months now, and he was already a pain in the ass.
From their very first interaction, when the little shit had dropped an air-conditioning unit on his head, he’d hated him. Icarus was always dancing just out of reach, even throwing rocks at him when he and Compulsion were fighting And he always got away. But not this time.
Icarus was readying himself to jump from one rooftop to the next, when Techno jumped, grabbing his ankle right at the nick of time. The Hero slammed into the side of the building with a wheeze of pain. “Gotcha,” Techno said with a grin, yanking him back onto the roof.
The Hero stumbled to his feet, shaking his head as if disoriented. Before his feet slid into a defensive position. The Blade smiled. “Not going to make this easy for me, are you?” Icarus grinned back, all sharp teeth and fury. “Was I ever?” And the Blade leaped forward.
In all fairness, Icarus lasted much longer than Techno thought he would. He was fast, the little shit landing a couple blows. But he was looking much worse for wear. The entire left side of his face was bruised from the wall, he was limping, and his breathing wheezed as he moved
His eyes shone with fear as he slid backwards on the ground from where Blade had thrown him a second previously. “Stay down,” he snapped. But the kid shakily got to his feet, sliding back into his defensive position. “Seriously??” Techno asked incredulously.
Icarus said nothing. Just stood with his fists raised, swaying slightly in place, hands shaking. But Techno wasn’t focused on that. With Icarus’ raised fists, his sleeve had ridden down slightly. Revealing a rose tattoo wrapping around his wrist. Icarus hadn’t noticed.
*Tommy* hadn’t noticed. The Hero took a stumbling step, still ready to fight, before he slumped forward, falling into his enemy’s (his soulmate’s) arms. END:) For @Wasp • NEW FIC 📌 • wc 13,427/33,800 <3
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