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Zachary Petrizzo

Zachary Petrizzo

Nov 25, 2022
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In a new video tonight, Kanye West says that Trump began "screaming" at him during their Mar-a-Lago dinner, telling the rapper he will "lose" his 2024 presidential run.

Kanye West also claimed that Trump called Kim Kardashian a bleeped-out profane name, which left Ye upset. "That's the mother of my children," he added.
Kanye further claimed that Trump was "impressed" with white nationalist Nick Fuentes. The rapper additionally said Trump was attempting to relate to him by sounding like a mob boss.
More here:
The Daily Beast

The Daily Beast

UPDATE: Kanye’s adviser took aim at Trump after the videos were posted, telling The Daily Beast: “Trumpworld is in crisis tonight.”
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