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Andrew 🇺🇸

Andrew 🇺🇸

Nov 25
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A thread on why Nyck De Vries is a mid driver

In the 2017 F2 season he finished 7th with only 1 win. Mid
In the 2018 F2 season he only finished 4th in a Prema behind other mid drivers like Russell. Mid
In the 2019 F2 season he won a fluke championship against the worst F2 grid of all time. Mid
In the 2020 Formula E season he finished 11th and finished 9 positions off his teammate Vandoorne. Mid
In the 2021 Formula E season he won another fluke championship. Mid
In the 2022 Formula E season he finished 9th while his teammate won the championship. Mid
And in the 2022 Italian Grand Prix he only managed to finish 9th in that Williams rocket ship. Mid
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