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The first Filipino Drag Race Superstar, @paula nicole is coming to the UK for RuPaul's Drag Con UK 2023! We are knocking on your precious hearts as we get all the help we need. ❤️ #PreciousDragConUK #PreciousFundsForDragConUK #TeamPrecious #DragRace #Dragcon

We are now accepting donations via GCash, PayPal, BDO, and BPI. Details and QR codes are here for your reference. Any amount will be greatly appreciated and accounted for. Rest assured that all funds collected from this fundraiser will be turned over to Precious and her team.
For those in the UK, they are still looking for additional core team members to help them on the whole duration of the event. Interested members may reach out to @Rylle Barenque or @Tyson Dagal here on IG.
Let us make this first international venture for our Precious Paula Nicole the most memorable one! Thank you! This fundraising project is a Team Precious initiative and giving of donations is purely voluntary. For questions or clarifications, contact @ preciousdragcon on IG
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