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#Thread Why the seat of kush grass? Why is a kusha-ring (Pavitri) worn during religious anushthans (ceremonies)? scientific aspect of wearing kusha in hands? “नास्य केशान प्रवपन्ति, नोरसि ताडमाध्नते।”

“When you wear kush the hair from the head don’t fall. There is no hurt in the chest, i.e. you will not have sudden heart attack. It purifies the polluted atmosphere. Kush (darbha) is a non-conducting object. It obstructs the electrical current. Flow of electrical current
destroys the accumulated spiritual strength through the pathway of feet. To have a seat below one’s feet for stopping the outflow is the scientific basis of this assumption. “The use of kusha as stated in the Vedas, is for increasing age and destroying pollution in atmosphere.
Therefore, it is worn in hands also during religious ceremonies for the purification of water and other objects. “The defence of the strength gained through japa (saying the rosary), worship and recital, is done through kusha-aasan (seat) and khadauns (wooden slippers). So, if
the self-defence is not done against Ishwar (God) entering into our body, through hands, it affects heart and head adversely. The arrangement of wearing kusha-ring was planned so that the energy-mass is not earthed through hands. If by mistake the hand falls on the ground, it
it will touch the kusha on the ground, and not the ground which carried your divine and comic energy within your aura .
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