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Mark Dickey-Collas 🏳️‍🌈

Mark Dickey-Collas 🏳️‍🌈

Nov 25
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People say"ecosystem based-management is to vague & unimplementable" #EBM. A recently published paper explores this using the North Atlantic. Thread explains findings… @All-Atlantic Ocean Research Alliance @Mission Atlantic @Horizon Europe🇪🇺 @DFO_Science @NOAA Fisheries @ICES

Yes we can implement #EBM - mandates exist & tools exist. Thanks to @Torsten Thiele. Additional 2 papers explain…… @Tom Webb
The business case is clear while challenges exist, #EBM enables benefits & opportunities.……
We manage people, & their pressures to provide ecosystem services, while stewarding the ecosystem through partnership. #EBM……
Without specific projects or direct management challenges, it is tricky to get all stakeholders to the table. This is needed to create a productive framework for #EBM that accounts for multiple sectors & objectives.
Sustained support & resourcing is required to keep #EBM operational. This maintains experience, knowledge, professional relationships & trust………
As a researcher, don't be naive to the practical benefits to mangers & politicians of implicit management objectives. While frustrating to us evidence providers, they allow wiggle room when making decisions. #EBM……
However clarifying the management objectives, across scales & levels, & understanding boundaries is a key element of #EBM………
Finally it is not always a smooth journey, these are some experiences of evidence providers to #EBM. Within @ICES, @Dr. Debbi Pedreschi She/Her, Chair of steering group on #IEA, leading #IEA expert groups across the science network, will have plenty more to add…
Mark Dickey-Collas 🏳️‍🌈

Mark Dickey-Collas 🏳️‍🌈

Knowledge 4 sustainable & successful management of our seas and oceans | Humans Core to the Ecosystem Approach | cripple | I tweet for me | Tagged ≠ me
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