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Nov 25
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Hybe ruined J-Hope's solo era ➡️ A therad

1. J-Hope didn't have a CD. It's not his decision. He only participated in content production. They used JITB to get better ESG points to make HYBE look like a better and more sustainable company to investors.
"He released a digital album for the image of his company" And see this. 2. They forced him to release a digital album, but they didn't prepare it properly.
FYI : The absence of a CD album is disadvantageous to the Billboard chart tally
J-Hope once made an album for Jimin's song that doesn't have an album. That's how important he think about the album.
3. Other groups in hybe have specific promotional schedules, but where is J-Hope?
Please read this.
Look what they did to bts. They ruined bts solo era And It's related to the delivery of their solo album Pics 1 : JITB Pics 2 : The Astronaut Pics 3 : Indigo Pls stop defending company. Other groups in Hybe still ship the album on the release date.
4. Bigshit didn't even change @//bts_bighit header and pfp to promote JITB...


공백기동안 텅 빈 느낌이 싫어서 여러 사람들 팔로잉해놨어여.. 그래서 정신없는 계정.. 켘
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