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Nov 25
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A COMPLETE COURSE with strategies on Trading for FREE! Yes, you heard it right! So, stop paying for webinars & watch these videos! My objective with the #LearnwithTrendlineInvestor series on Youtube was to help people learn. So, I hope it benefits! Let’s go! 🧵...

1⃣ Learn to create your own custom indicator for indices such as - Cement - Breweries - HDFC group or - Adani group in Tradingview
2⃣ Learn how to plot the same indicator in different timeframe on the same chart. This technique will definitely help intraday traders, swing and positional traders.
3⃣ Learn my 4 step process to increase conviction in trading using technical analysis. If you are a fundamental analyst then this will definitely open you to a new world😃
4⃣ Facing frequent false breakouts? Then this is a must watch video for you where in I explain how you can avoid getting trapped in false breakouts and stop losing your hard-earned money!
5⃣ Looking for a low-risk setup strategy that can make big money? Identifying stocks nears confluence of supports is my favourite strategy. In this video, I explain how to identify 'Confluence of supports' and also how one should take a trade!
6⃣ The foundation for your trading career - RISK Management! Well, this should have been the first video. This is the first and foremost aspect in trading.
7⃣Learn while you trade - TRADING JOURNAL video A journal is a must to know where you are right and wrong. This is the only secret to winning in markets. This is the most watched video on my channel. So don't miss it!
8⃣EXIT is when you make money! I discuss exit strategies for stocks that are trending and also stocks that are quite extended in this video
9⃣The best traders analyse the stock in all time frames Learn MULTI-TIME FRAME analysis! Increase your winning probability by doing multi-time frame analysis. You do not want to buy a stock that is in a downtrend on Monthly/Weekly charts.
🔟 Big money is made with this TREND FOLLOWING strategy! The only strategy you need to know. The greatest of great traders do trend following. So why not you?
1⃣1⃣ The most reliable pattern to spot multibaggers - INVERTED HnS! My favourite pattern in the whole of technical analysis which is highly reliable and can help spot potential multibaggers
1⃣2⃣ The most simplest strategy for beginners - HORIZONTAL BREAKOUT strategy! A simple line yet the most powerful strategy that I’ve come across till now. If you are a beginner struggling then this is a MUST watch!
1⃣3⃣ SCAN & SHORTLIST stocks in a matter of mins! Learn how I scan and shortlist stocks in just a matter of mins
1⃣4⃣ The REVERSAL SCANNER that helps me identify great R:R trades! CCI based Reversal scanner to spot low-risk opportunities that will help you with great R:R trades
1⃣5⃣ The most important BREAKOUT scanner for me! CCI based breakout scanner to identify swing trades/positional trades/investment ideas. With some effort you can find the next potential multibagger!
1⃣6⃣ Understand OUTPERFORMANCE & UNDERPERFORMANCE in stocks! Worried that your PF is not moving up when markets are going up? Watch this video to understand the reason so that the next time you buy stocks with relative strength!
1⃣7⃣ Find stock BUY/SELL SIGNALS using the CCI Indicator! The most important diagnostic tool for me and a very important indicator for me that signals turning point in stocks. It’s very simple to understand, so give it a try after watching the video.
1⃣8⃣ The psychology behind DEMAND & SUPPLY and how to read it! Everything in this world is driven by demand and supply and so are stock prices and this is the heartbeat of technical analysis. So, do watch this video to understand the pulse of your stocks
1⃣9⃣ The secrets to find a significant and reliable TRENDLINE! It's easy to get carried away with trendlines as it is totally subjective. But, don't worry in this video I teach rules which you can use to identify valid trendlines and how to draw them!
2⃣0⃣ When to use LOG/LINEAR CHARTS? Even the biggest handles get this simple concept wrong and I teach how you can have a better perspective on charting by making a simple switch to log charts
2⃣1⃣ How to read CANDLESTICKS without knowing the names? Candlesticks are the foundation of charting and I cover how to read candlestick charts without needing to know the names of them
2⃣2⃣ How to use Trading view - CHARTING TOOL? In this video I cover all the basics a beginner needs to know as to how to use this simple yet amazing tool which is available for free
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Trendline Investor

Trendline Investor

A COMPLETE COURSE with strategies on Trading for FREE! Yes, you heard it right! So, stop paying for webinars & watch these videos! My objective with the #LearnwithTrendlineInvestor series on Youtube was to help people learn. So, I hope it benefits! Let’s go! 🧵...
Trendline Investor

Trendline Investor

Part time Investor/Trader using Trendlines, CCI, RS | Not SEBI reg | Lead Product Manager | MBA Finance @gim_sanquelim Blog -
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