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Colours of Bharat

Colours of Bharat

Nov 25
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15 of the most popular vegetarian dishes across the world 1. Masala Dosa, India

2. Pizza, Italy
3. Chana Masala, India
4. Hummus Platter, Middle East
5. Kasha, Russia
6. Avocado Toast, Australia
7. Ratatouille, France
8. Fattoush, Lebanon
9. Vegetable Sushi, Japan
10. Palak Paneer, India
11. Kisir, Turkey
12. Chilaquiles, Mexico
13. Pasta, Italy/ China
14. Patatas bravas, Spain
15. Dal Tadka, India
There are several other yummy vegetarian dishes globally. Feel free to add to this thread. Pic credits tot he original photographers. Thread via: @Vertigo_Warrior
Colours of Bharat

Colours of Bharat

An attempt to highlight the beautiful locales, cultural heritage, & diversity of Bharat & it`s historical & cultural inter-linkages with the world
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