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There is a sinister vibe at large in the world. I don't know if you have noticed it. It takes a lot of missing. It permeates international politics with Right wing ideology favouring the benefit of the wealthy over the wellbeing of the many. #Followbackfriday

Fear and prejudice provide it's oxygen. It manipulates through a complicit media those with personality traits that most of us are far from comfortable with. Prejudice, intolerance and misogyny. #Followbackfriday
Religious ideology and cultural politics are it's power base Consolidating in extreme views that question the rights of those with opposing views & focus on removing the rights of women to have equal status with men, or even have choices over their own bodies! #Followbackfriday
Its highlighted on social media platforms. That same unsettling sense of fear that we no longer feel safe in a world we thought was growing in enlightenment. But instead is going backwards at an alarming speed. Eroding all those hard fought for freedoms. #Followbackfriday
And it's all about greed. Men and women who have more than they need. And still want more. Who want to control the way we think and act. They perpetuate an old form of tyranny, wrapped in a new guise. #Followbackfriday
They wear suits not uniforms, and are financial giants without principles, greedy &callous beyond belief. They see profit everywhere. Their ethics are the boardroom & corporate ruthlessness. Unity of purpose is our only defence against them. Determination that they must not win
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