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Nov 25
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In 1998, the talent of Anwar got destroyed because UMNO Malays were jealous of him and Non-Malays feared his Islamic push? Just curious.

In 24 yeas wilderness, there is hikmah behind it because we would not have been able to identify many criminals backing up Anwar too at that time.
How would the world know about characters like Muhyiddin, Azmin, Zahid etc if it was all too smooth sailing transition for Anwar in UMNO? Think about it.
All the above three were closest to Anwar in 1998. Muhyiddin ran away the next day after the sacking, Zahid few weeks later and Azmin 22 years later.
The reformasi movement began in 1998 against KKN. Korupsi, Kronisme dan Nepotisme.
There was more anger among Malays than the Chinese in 1998 for the jailing of Lim Guan Eng for speaking up for an underaged Malay girl, sexually assaulted by Rahim Thamby Chik.
The Malaysian Chinese were scared into silence. At that time, internet was slowly breaking into the country.
The battle royale between Dr M and his Protege. M used the power of incumbency mercilessly.
At that time Anwar started his struggle, there was already popular dissent against UMNO regime. Anwar came and harvested it to the maximum.
ABIM reabsorbed Anwar after expulsion from UMNO. DAP and PAS co-opted him too.
After 50,000 people (mostly Malays) attended the KL rally in 1998, all hell broke loose and Dr M ordered his arrest. After the black eye incident, they changed the arrest into ISA to hide the eye injury inflicted on him through severe beating by Rahim Noor.
Amidst all the chaos in Peninsular, Sabah still voted for BN, voters bribed by money and citizenship. A virus outbreak, which only affected the Chinese mostly was mishandled.
Malaysian Chinese were blackmailed to support the Government. Scarecrow then was the reformasi movement.
The originally Gen X Malays were the early followers of Reformasi movement and later the Chinese and Indians joined too. Keadilan became multiracial.
The birth of Parti Keadilan Nasional by Dr Wan Azizah. Anwar was not the original member.
Dr Mahathir violated UMNO's code of not shaming each other in public. UMNO's code of secrecy sounds like a Organised Crime Gang SOP.
The Reformasi movement is the catalyst for the change we see today.
Dr Mahathir in 90s applied the 60s formula to quell dissent in the Party and completely failed some 24 years later in 2022.
The role of Islam in Political Movement
Keadilan has always offered i) Transparency, ii) accountability and iii) Justice for All as opposed to BN's i) Economic Development and Stability (yes, BN said the same from 1998). And now it is up to Anwar to deliver their 24 year old promise.


Inconvenient truth the fanatical followers from all sides of politics do not want to hear. Interpreting today's events with history. Macais will be banned! 🇲🇾
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