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Good morning. Day 3 of Kyiv Blackout. I woke up cold. The heating and electricity are off, again. Water is there. But it might not last. Another attack or just too much pressure on the system. So, yesterday, after the water came back, we filled every bottle and bucket. 1/

We have been saving large plastic bottles since Oct 10 when infrastructure attacks started. I estimate we have about 120-150 liters. And we need probably 10 liters a day for all purposes. If we save we need much less. So we are covered. By the way, melting snow 2/
For water is not practical. Many of the readers pointed out that it takes a lot of energy and makes the apartment colder. True! Bad idea. When I came home, the room with the pots of snow was freezing. But perhaps, I should store snow outside for the worst case. 3/
Keeping the apartment warm becomes a big issue. Yesterday when we came back from work, the hallways of the building were warmer than than the apartment. We kept the doors open for the warmer air to come in. It did not help much, but I guess we did something. We have to 4/
Try everything so that there are no regrets when we are freezing under our blankets. Electricity came back at 1:30 am. I was asleep, exhausted. But our building has some electrical equipment with a nasty alarm that goes on when the electricity switches on or off. 5/
It used to annoy me because it is quite disturbing. Now, I love it. It woke me up. I quickly plugged in power banks, phones, computers to charge. I switched on our electric heater. My wife was half asleep but she managed to tell me what I can quickly cook. 6/
We went to bad shortly after that. It was warm for a while but in the morning it got quite cold again. I guess electricity did not last long. But we did have warm food in the morning and hot shower (it is electric too and the boiler keeps temperature). What a treat! 7/
Have a good day, guys, and thank you for your support. Stay safe, warm, and grateful for what you have. I am off to university to help keep it running. My first meeting today is fundraising consulting for our territorial defense forces. They needs funds and equipment. 8/8
Tymofiy Mylovanov
President, Kyiv School of Economics; Adviser, Zelensky administration; Minister of economy, Ukraine, 2019-2020; Associate professor, University of Pittsburgh
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