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Nov 25, 2022
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This Guy Hilariously Recreated Celebrity Outfits 😂😂 Check Thread 👇🏻🤣 1) Kim Kardashian

2) Billie Eilish
3) Gigi Hadid😂
4) Angelina Jolie
5) Rihanna
Anna Sedokova
Taylor Swift
Cardi B
Ariana Grande
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Lady Gaga
Emilia Clarke
Irina Ponarovskaya
Vera Brezhneva
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The fact that I know someone who bought this exact type of bed frame two weeks ago for 350K in the market makes it funnier to me. 😂 She should've just waited for Jiji's Black Friday to buy it from this seller.…


My passion for learning the keyboard has just increased with me seeing the discount for this. This Jiji Black Friday sale came at the right time. 😃…


I’m your biggest fan🌚💫 •Vibes• •Relatable tweets• 🖤
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