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Nov 25
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Scientifically impossible places that actually exist A THREAD

1. THE BOILING RIVER ... The Amazon rainforest is a place where the line between fact and fiction seems to blur into obscurity, although as scientists respectfully probe deeper into this enigmatic jungle, some of its most outrageous myths are turning out to be true.
2. NEVERENDING LIGHTNING STORM ... Located at the mouth of the Catatumbo river, there’s a storm that rages continuously, with 250 strikes of lightning an hour. This phenomenon has been going on for centuries and it’s so massive that it’s visible up to 400 kilometres away.
3. THE HUM OF TAOS ... Inexplicable sounds are nothing new, but an eerie hum that lingers throughout the small town of Taos has been baffling people for years. The sound was first reported in 1993, when a group of locals complained to Congress about it.
4. CIRCLES OF NAMIBIA ... For years, scientists have been trying to figure out where these patches originate from. They’re known as “fairy circles,” ranging from five feet to 130 feet wide and can only really be seen from a bird’s-eye view.
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5. THE SLEEPING CITY OF KALACHI ... The villagers of Kazakh village of Kalachi are suffering from a strange ailment. At any time of the day they just fall asleep and remain unconscious for many days. Kalachi is a village located in Esil District of Akmola Region in Kazakhstan.
6. THE DOUBLE TREE OF CASORZO ... This Italian anomaly is a mulberry tree with a cherry tree growing on top of it. Scientists still are not sure how this came about, but it is likely that a bird dropped a cherry tree seed on top of the mulberry tree.
7. LAKE KARACHAY ... It is located in the southern Ural mountains of Russia, and is now the most polluted place on the planet. In 1990, just standing near the lake for one hour would expose you to a radiation dose of 600 roentgen, which can lead to death.
8. MOVILE CAVE ... For the past 5.5 million years, this Romanian cave has been isolated from the rest of the world, and it was only opened up when Socialist Republic of Romania workers were searching for a new area to build a nuclear power plant in 1986.
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9. HESSDALEN LIGHTS ... The lights, which are approximately the same size as a car, appear in bright white, yellow, or red varieties and can show up above and below the horizon. They can usually be seen for anywhere from a few seconds to an hour.
10. THE DEVIL'S KETTLE ... One side of the waterfall continues flowing down the river, while the other one drops off at a deep, dark hole and vanishes. For years, visitors would marvel at the magic of this waterfall, sometimes even drop objects into the fall in able to follow.
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Most expensive mistakes in History A THREAD
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