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Jelle van den Ameele

Jelle van den Ameele

Nov 25, 2022
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📢Come join us!🤸🚴‍♀️Interested in mitochondria and chromatin? Model organisms, brain development and #mito disease? We have 2 collaborative @Biotechnology and Biological Sciences Research and @MRC MitoCluster-funded #postdocjobs in our lab @MRC MBU @Cambridge Clinical Mitochondrial Research Group @Cambridge University. Please RT, and apply! @mitojobs👇Details below👇

1/2 #postdocjobs in our lab @MRC MBU @Cambridge Clinical Mitochondrial Research Group @Cambridge University to study epigenome metabolism in cell fate plasticity, using #DamID and novel in vivo metabolite #sensors in #Drosophila #Mouse. @Biotechnology and Biological Sciences Research funded, together with @Tony Southall. Apply by 11 Dec!
2/2 #postdocjobs in our lab @MRC MBU @Cambridge University together with Patrick Chinnery @Cambridge Clinical Mitochondrial Research Group @MRC National Mouse Genetics Network @MRC MitoCluster. #singlecell heteroplasmy seq, novel #CRISPR technology, and great #Bioinformatics to understand #mito disease. Apply by 11Dec! this link should work! and this link too! 😅😉
Jelle van den Ameele
neurologist @cam_mito, group leader @MRC_MBU @Cambridge_Uni @wellcometrust
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