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🧵 This is a Matt Walsh video I recently had the displeasure of learning existed. In the video he reviews a children’s book, and repeatedly expresses disgust at the idea of children setting firm boundaries. So let us go over this, and how it relates to his other comments.… Here is the video itself, because I’m sure there will be ample accusations of “taking out of context” and other such nonsense. I encourage you to watch it, but be warned, it is very very creepy and uncomfortable
🧵 the general message of this book can be summarised as “it’s ok for children to set boundaries, even with family”. Seems like a pretty innocuous and positive message, but according to Matt Walsh it’s “the worst book he’s covered yet”.
🧵these pages give an example of a child setting a boundary around physical contact. He’s asked to sit on a family members lap and responds by politely declining. Matt’s response is, quote, “what a brat”. Followed by a clip of a child screaming and having a tantrum.
So my hypothetical is this. If a child has been molested by, abused by, or knows a family member to be an abuser, should they be forced to hug and sit on the lap of that person, knowing that person may abuse them?
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