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Nov 25
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1. 🇮🇳SC says government have “completely destroyed” the INDEPENDECE of the Election Commission of India (ECI). Center says judiciary is trying to inject itself into selection process for commissioners, in a clear case of judicial overreach & power-grab. What's happening?

2. The Supreme Court is currently hearing a clutch of petitions challenging the process by which election commissioners in India are appointed. While the final ruling is yet to be delivered, but during oral arguments SC has criticized GOI.
3. Supreme Court made the following oral observations while arguing appointments of election commissioners. • Make a collegium-like body for the appointment, including PM, opposition leader & • Include CJI in the appointment process, • with a compulsory 6-year term.
4. Currently, the President of India selects the election commission and is bound by the advice of the Prime Minister of India and the council of ministers. Thus, making the appointment of the election commissioners an executive decision.
5. Centre has told the court that this process is “working smoothly” and that the commission is “working in a free and fair manner.” They said that this matter is of policy and is the “exclusive domain of the legislature and is not of judicial matter.”
5. Now, what's interesting is the plea in SC is made by Prashant Bhushan, an ex-leader of Arvind Kejriwal’s AAP and now a collaborator of Rahul Gandhi’s Congress party. And this move comes right on the heels of massive public criticism over the appointment of judges.
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