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Always love seeing that sweet residuals money for playing the main character in english hit my bank account 🙂



NEWS: JUJUTSU KAISEN 0 Confirmed to Be 6th Highest-Grossing Anime Film Worldwide 🔥MORE:
This is my first time saying anything public about this, but CR has done a lot to hurt my friends of late, time has passed, and you know what, I'll stand up for myself a little bit. inb4: Yea, I signed a contract for <1k. I was also living in section 8 housing at the time.
I'm so grateful to the team and legitimately enjoy the hell out of the person who cast me, he is wonderful. I also love the show, the fans, and my fellow cast. None of that is counter to the fact myself and my castmates deserve more for a blockbuster hit.
Live action movies that earn far less and with lower budgets routinely pay their actors in the 100s of thousands. What I want is rent security.
None of this is on the recording teams, contracted studios, adapters, directors. In fact, they deserve far more too. Its ALL on the corpo brass at @Crunchyroll and by proxy @Sony Pictures et al., as well as studio MAPPA. Worker exploitation and manipulation exists in all fields.
Unfortunately, the only thing that ever seems to get the attention of office squatters like that is a little bit of a stink- so here is mine- carefully formulated, with almost a year of consideration, thought, and effort trying and failing two change something outside public eye.
I just hope that a similar tale which occurred lat month that was shown to have some falsities does not detract from the fact these stories are real and this one definitely is, and this problem needs tackled for us especially as anime explodes as a market stateside. Love you all!
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