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Indrazith Shantharaj

Indrazith Shantharaj

Nov 25, 2022
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GenZ are Normal Humans Beings Born After 2000. They are the First Generation Who Grew up with a computer/mobile in Their Pocket. Below Are some of the Damn Beneficial Tools for Intraday Traders and Options Traders (most are not known to the public) Thread 🧵🧵

#1 Trade A1 It is a chrome extension that provides many useful features related to Money Management. Explore here -… (2/N)
#2 MyFNO It is a damn useful FREE tool that helps to scan stocks on various parameters (like increase in OI, decrease in OI, increase in price, etc) (3/N)
#3 Ticker Tape It is one more interesting site to shortlist stocks on screeners (based on various parameters), check Market Mood Index (MMI), etc. (4/N)
#4 FNO Trader It is a FREE tool to use Open Interest (OI) in various ways! Check here (5/N)
#5 Stock Mock This tool is all about Backtesting Nifty and Banknifty!!/ (6/N)
#6 Gocharting Connect your broker and access all the Open Interest (OI) related features for FREE on this site. Check this video to learn how to connect your broker with Gocharting… (7/N)
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