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Nov 25
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#taekookau where an anonymous account starts replying to every single hate comment the school’s prettiest boy- taehyung gets

🥟jock!jk 🥟VERY protective jk 🥟hurt/comfort 🥟excessive use of pet names💔 🥟jeon jungkook is kim taehyung’s safe place. 🥟the reason tae gets b7llied isn’t mentioned 🥟park jimin is the cutest and nicest person alive 🥟happy ending ^^
tw! rude comments, b7llying, mentions of the s slur (everything is in a slight extent and is NOT between taekook!!) there may be some mistakes in here since i was tired while writing this, please be kind
.023 [whose*]
.030 [the next day]
bonus :)
{fin.} i wrote this while having a really hard time and writing jk’s character was so comforting, i created the character based of a person i’d want to have in my life in these times. if you guys enjoyed the story please like and qrt to let me know if i should write more!
and here’s my kofi if you like my work and want to support my broke student ass :( thank you🥹


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